This is a thing that pisses me off

Attacking parents for kids bad behavior. Guess what? Sometimes its just the kid, believe it or not kids kinda come a certain way. Also, Screw you for your “its okay that I’m on the earth but how dare you inconvenience me with your offspring” attitude. Same goes for people who complain about kids on planes. Look, you… » 8/04/15 6:05pm 48 minutes ago

Why the CBR 250 is a thumbs up and a Ninja 300 is a POS. 

One year ago I wrote an entry of my cousin and his fiance (now wife) riding down to Niagara to do some more riding, and how I rode my cousin’s wife’s 2008 Ninja 250 for extended periods. My conclusion was the bike was a heap of crap.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to ride my friends 2014 Ninja 300 which she… » 8/04/15 5:48pm Today 5:48pm