Has anybody else noticed this....? Drives me crazy!

Ok, backstory time....so....newer cars often have EL-backlit or digital gauges, this means, unlike older cars, the dash is constantly “backlit” and looks the same no matter what light setting the car is currently set to. On older cars, if your lights were off, the gauges were dim, so it was obvious when you didn’t… » 7/01/15 5:36pm 10 minutes ago

Formula Oppo: The Simply Sausages Grand Prix of Sealand

Welcome to the 9th round of the internet’s only Formula One fantasy picking game that is officially only existing on Oppositelock.kinja.com, or as it’s colloquially known as Formula Oppo! This week we travel to that off shore oil platform that’s not officially recognized as Sealand, which is not to be confused with… » 7/01/15 4:45pm Today 4:45pm

More used Car Bargains

Just checking my local Gumtree (UK craigslist) again and its insane how many nice cars you can get for under a grand just in the area. I picked this 3.2l Signum just as an example. Low miles, decent performance (if it really has a manual, same engine as in the early 1st gen CTS btw), good condition, very nicely… » 7/01/15 4:26pm Today 4:26pm

My first car (a Citroen 2cv, not much better I know) has spent the past month getting a load of work done so I’ve had the pleasure of daily driving my ‘71 Lancia Fulvia coupe instead, quite a similar car to that Alfa of yours. Sitting in city traffic watching the temperature gauge climb as the fan blows hot air in my… » 7/01/15 4:18pm Today 4:18pm