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New updates no boost in 1st through 4rth gear. Boost only cones on in 5th or 6th when doing 60+ and then matting it. Car temp gauge reflects less than 220 degrees F (IIRC). No codes, vastly diminished AC power plus distinct scent of humid air flow. Deposit ideas and thoughts below. Car will be going up on a lift ASAP… » 8/04/15 11:14pm 32 minutes ago

Diagnose a noise - high pitched tone at highway speeds

I’ve noticed this several times now in my daily driver - a 2001 Honda Civic. At highway speeds, between 100 km/h and 105 km/h, I’m noticing a high pitch noise. It doesn’t sound like anything grinding/squeaking - the best I can describe it is a tone. It only seems to happen at a particular throttle position. As soon as… » 8/04/15 10:37pm Today 10:37pm