Yes but can you off-road an Audi A8L?

This is a trick question, mostly because the answer is “I don’t know.” The reason I don’t know is because, as I’m sure you’ll no doubt figure out very quickly, these tracks that I’m on are probably considered roads. I guess the real question is, “Can you go up a muddy/grassy farm track right after it rained in an Audi… » 5/27/15 11:15am 7 minutes ago

1929 Ford Model A Roadster - the Oppositelock Review

[Full disclosure: Ford wanted me to drive this car so bad every single engineer, even Henry Ford himself died in their quest to hunt me down and get me to write it up for Oppo. Long forgotten in the woods of Downeast Maine and adorned with aftermarket accesories, I was finally able to fulfill their wishes and go for a… » 5/27/15 10:45am 37 minutes ago

Finally getting a dremel

Been wanting one for a while but never did due to money being a little limited. Someone just offered me one for £10 though so I jumped on it. Not sure which model but even if it’s a base one it’s a good deal. So I wanted to ask which tools you guys would reccomend for it, apparently it only has a few basic worn tools… » 5/27/15 10:19am Today 10:19am

Hardegsen Hardcore - Awfully Awesome Photodump

When a hill-bro-y Opel club called “Hardegsen Hardcore” hosts a meeting in medieval surroundings you better make sure to be there. Out in the backwoods I was honestly hoping to see some comically bad custom efforts, loads of embarrassing decals and a worrying amount of barbarous barn tuning. So I manned the MS… » 5/27/15 10:15am Today 10:15am

Heads up to all candy lovers.

If there’s a Kroger nearby, try to find one of their cardboard Mars displays. It should have some manufacturer’s coupons on it for $0.50 off on two candy bars. Now, Kroger is also selling those candies for $0.59 each... So when you buy two with the coupon (and your Plus card, which is free if you don’t have one yet)… » 5/27/15 10:13am Today 10:13am