Lambo Makes Aventador Faster, Veneno Cheaper

my thinking was that Lamborghini, which just sold three of its Veneno hypercars less than two years ago for $4 fcking million, is now selling an Aventador with all that tech and more for a mere $500,000 — what a deal! Also, I loved driving it on the track for work. On an F1 track.… » 5/29/15 12:12pm 24 minutes ago

Options! This 1/4 scale model Ferrari is the price of a new GTI.

While it is not a problem i am often (never in my life) challenged with, surely there are those who must have an awful time at Christmas and birthdays shopping for their dirty filthy rich relative who has nearly everything. When the gold apple watch crowd shops, It falls upon them to swipe their AMEX Black cards on… » 5/29/15 12:00pm 37 minutes ago

Which F1 Driver Has Experienced the Greatest Change in Technology?

Formula 1 careers don’t usually last long, but when they do it’s at the hands of a legend. Michael Schumacher springs to my mind as a driver who has gone through a large shift in technology, most noticeably through the dramatic shift in steering wheel controls added throughout his career. » 5/29/15 11:28am Today 11:28am