Disappointing Work

When we pay for an item or service, we all expect a quality result. Unfortunately, what we receive for our investment does not always meet our standards. Case in point, this Pennzoil ad that was written by Tony Carnevale of Gawker. In this piece, Mr. Carnevale writes an entertaining feature that dismayingly includes… »11 minutes ago11/25/15 1:20pm

In Which I Lament The Failure To Build Supersonic Transportation

It sure seems like recently we’ve really been bombarded with potential new breakthroughs in high flying supersonic transportation. While I hope that in my lifetime hyper flying jets will be a common sight at the airport, I think that these outlandish attempts are simply viral marketing schemes that end up as vaporware. »16 minutes ago11/25/15 1:15pm

Fantasy WorldRX Preview: Argentina

Welcome to the final round of Fantasy WorldRX this year. The FIA World Rallycross Championship is one of three championships concluding this weekend, and the only one where the championship isn’t decided yet. To add to the action we go to a brand new track in Rosario! »30 minutes ago11/25/15 1:01pm