Behold my friend's awesome 580-horsepower beater Camaro

Want a video of it? Me too. I’m working on it, but in the meantime, let me tell you the specs. It’s a 1977 Camaro that was bought for $1,500 with a lame duck 305 in it. As you can plainly see, it wears an odd combination of pale-beige, primer grey, and a blue cowl hood from another Camaro. This car will remain crappy… » 7/28/15 11:02am 24 minutes ago

Best eBay ad copy I've seen in a while...

“This car would make a great daily driver with little work. However, it is a 37 year old Alfa Romeo.”
Sure, buddy. That’s right up there with
“This guy would make a great employee. However, he is an active heroin addict with $100,000 in gambling debts to the Mob”
“This house would be great for a new family to move… » 7/28/15 10:32am 54 minutes ago

More Pictures from the GM car show

If you live in Southeastern Michigan and enjoy car shows, nothing beats the GM car show at the Tech center in Warren, MI. It is really worth playing hooky to enjoy almost 1,100 cars. There were 800 registered cars and almost another 300 unregistered (me being one of them). It was July 22, 2015 from 10-2 p.m., but cars… » 7/28/15 10:11am Today 10:11am