What would you buy if you needed a car for at most 4 months?

My sister mentioned she wants a car for the summer, so I suggested that if she buys the right already-depreciated beige-mobile, she could sell it later and be minimally out of pocket. Am I on the right track? I figure any sort of higher mileage Japanese econobox should do the trick, despite my Jalop leanings. » 5/25/15 2:25pm 9 minutes ago

And For the Fans......... Nothing!

Today, a Monday, came with some sad news. A project I was hoping would come to fruition is now pretty much surely cancelled, slapped from my eagerly awaiting grasp. Surely they heard me, awaiting the announcement while standing at the finance desk, eager to release my monthly disposable income into an in-house money… » 5/25/15 1:04pm Today 1:04pm

My first big wrenching project: Civic engine swap

It’s no secret that the D16Y7 in my Canadian Honda Civic was getting a bit tired. A rev above 5k resulted in a plume of blue smoke, and it burnt through oil at a rate of one quart per 300 miles. I topped out at only 30mpg and was probably only making 75hp. The transmission’s input shaft was screaming for mercy and the… » 5/25/15 12:53pm Today 12:53pm

The Resurrection, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Yes, technically, it is still spring (if it isn’t, oops). The chrome is gleaming, and the road is ready. But where is the Cutlass? Outside, waiting to be towed up tomorrow. Expect vlogs of the coming updates. In the mean time, lets look over the Good, Bad, and Ugly of this $1000 brougham. » 5/25/15 12:32pm Today 12:32pm