VIDEO: Get Lost | A Solo Motorcycle Adventure to the Darien Gap and Back

Hi, I’m Teague Fleury, founder of Wide Eyed Collective and the creator of Get Lost: To the Darien Gap and Back. Get Lost is a motorcycle adventure series chronicling my journey from a small town in Connecticut to the Darien Gap in Panama…and back again. Over the course of 3 months, I traveled 12,000 miles through 9… » 8/31/15 3:56pm 39 minutes ago

$750 for a blown top end Disco II?

No hows about $500 or I walk. Consider I need to trailer it back from Alabama. In all honesty it would only be bought for the wheels, seats, and exterior trim. Also found an ARB bumper from a 99 D II. Anyone think I could get it to work with my 03? In my head they aren’t very different.....but in actuality who knows. » 8/31/15 3:47pm 49 minutes ago