Last Round of the Fourza Two-Five Challenge This Saturday

The Green Hell is the site of our final race of the season. I ran a 9:25 from a standing start and a 9:15 flying lap so I guess just be in the area of those times. Here are the rules one last time, just in case anyone wants to join in what should be the most grueling race of the season.
» 5/28/15 6:47pm 2 minutes ago

Craigslist Challenge - Miata Edition

It’s finally gotten over 50 degrees for more than 2 days in a row, which means it’s summertime in Wisconsin! While the AC in my Bonneville is quite enjoyable, there is a certain longing for open-air driving. And when you think open-air driving, you think Miata. » 5/28/15 6:46pm 3 minutes ago

I spent the day driving around and running errands in my 126p

It’s a bit of a 126p Superleggera at the moment, because the interior contains only the bare necessities to make the car driveable. Had a small amount of trouble with the clutch; the cable was sticking and it needs some adjustment as well, gotta look into that soon. I probably wouldn’t be thrilled to be stuck with the… » 5/28/15 6:10pm 39 minutes ago