Tom’s Weekly or Monthly Column About Things Annoy Me

The world is full of drama queens, cry babies, and mom bloggers who use two fingers to type an article about how technology is ruining our lives, and then proceed to post it online. I am not someone who would usually fall into any of those categories. I don’t post facebook updates about how Stacy is a lesbian and is… » 5/22/15 10:42pm 48 minutes ago

Impact wrenches - worth it?

Supposing that a person wanted to get an old project car - something with a lot of very-rusted on fasteners, is it worth getting an impact wrench? Do impact wrenches work well on removing rusted-on nuts and bolts? What should a person consider when purchasing one?

I own a fairly small air compressor, so I’d be a bit… » 5/22/15 10:33pm 57 minutes ago