Pixar's "Cars" Movie Horrendously Copied in China

Want to go see Pixar’s “Cars” in China? Well you can...sort of...not really actually. Instead, you’ll find yourself watching some frankenstein-ish creation of poor animations that try to recreate said movie in what appears to be some program that makes Windows Movie Maker look like Adobe After Effects. » 7/07/15 12:09pm 4 minutes ago

Why Isn't This Car Selling?

I’ve had my Lincoln for sale for about a month and I’m not getting any bites on it. My asking price is well below what some others are asking I’ve only seen 2 others for less and those were non runners parked in a field. Mine is a very strong runner that is 100% road worthy. » 7/07/15 11:56am 17 minutes ago

The best antagonist of all time!

Great news! The Umineko visual novel is getting a Steam release! That means even more people will experience the best antagonist of all time! Beato! (Who, for the record, is the only female character to ever beat Holo from Spice and Wolf in the “Best Female Character Ever” category.) » 7/07/15 11:37am 36 minutes ago

One More For Now

This is my new car. I bought it January 1st for $500, missing the bumper, passenger side front fender, transmission, and some other little bits. The hood was smashed, and the passenger side headlight support was bent out of shape. I got a bunch of junkyard parts and put it back together. Finally got it drive able in… » 7/07/15 11:36am 37 minutes ago

I've Noticed One Major Advantage to Leasing Instead of Buying:

When you lease a car, you aren’t tempted to pour every dollar you make into the damn thing! Now that I own my C30 instead of leasing the Civic, I want to upgrade so much on it. I’m working on a full LED interior light conversion, I want to Polestar tune it, and now I’m trying to find some R or R Design wheels! My… » 7/07/15 11:08am Today 11:08am