Guess the Make and Model These CDs Came From

Not even a minute after I got done reading the article about the CDs in the Used Car, my coworker was trying to pawn these CDs off on someone. It was a CD case so it has to be obviously more than 10 years old and smells like an unoccupied trailer house. Turns out the CDs came from another coworker who owns an autobody… » 7/28/15 6:40pm 8 minutes ago

Found on Montana Craigslist: Better Red than Grand National Edition

1986 Buick Regal T Type Turbo V6 - $13500 (Billings)

Im selling my 1986 Buick Regal T Type. I need money to fund another project. This car was built and tuned by the best in the business. Nick Micale from Arizona Grand National built the motor. It’s a 3.8L Turbocharged V6. It has Champion ported Iron heads with a Rev X… » 7/28/15 6:14pm 34 minutes ago

I am uninteresting and uninventive

If you had a BMW 540i Tourer, raped it for all of it’s weighty natural resources and had a resulting drivable bare shell, with no fucks given and ridiculous weight reduction (see: holes drilled anywhere and everywhere), with various cheap-but-effective performance enhancements, what would you call it? » 7/28/15 5:39pm Today 5:39pm