Trucklopnik Chronicles - Part the Third

And now we are back to the Trucklopnik Chronicles, where I do something to my 2005 Chevy Duramax 4x4 with extra comedy stickers. From the last time, we found that I just cannot be bothered to replace the cheapo resistor pack. This week I decide to tackle the bed. So I found a workshop, and cued the music. » 7/31/15 3:30pm 14 minutes ago

Anyone Here Sold Cars Before?

How much does it suck? Lost my job a couple weeks ago and have seen a few postings around here looking for salespeople. I’ve always known more than the person selling me my car, I’m friendly, and I talk to people easily. I’d imagine I’m probably too honest to be a good salesman, but I can’t help wanting to be that guy » 7/31/15 2:37pm Today 2:37pm

Is afterfire a bad thing?

Afterfire, commonly but incorrectly called “backfire” is when a car farts emits loud pops and sometimes flames from the tailpipe due to *whatever* igniting outside of the cylinder. Is this a bad thing, though? I figure if million-dollar hypercars are jovially spitting out flame when you get off the gas/shift then… » 7/31/15 2:33pm Today 2:33pm