Event Coverage: Palos Verdes Cars & Coffee (Oct. '15)

This month’s Cars & Coffee Palos Verdes had some special stuff in attendance as usual, but even more exciting was the news that the event will not allow cars into the show area before 8 AM in the future... I wish more Cars & Coffee events would institute such a rule! My Saturdays have become the earliest rising days… »10/04/15 3:34pm29 minutes ago

First Gen Honda Civic-CVCC Or Volvo 780 Bertone?  

I love the first gen Civic. So much so that I might buy myself one for my birthday this Tuesday. It lives about 3 blocks away from me, it is (or used to be) red. Or maybe orange... I’m not completely sure. The motor itself runs, and it moves. However it overheats very fast. And it doesn’t break. The brake issue is for… »10/04/15 2:51pmToday 2:51pm