Confused on the Matrix's Tire Choices

It slightly bewilders me why the previous owners put Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 tires (high performance sports tires) in the back and Primewell Valera Touring ($50 dollars prius tires) in the front. I know the concept of less oversteer with the grippier compound in the back, but I am slightly worried about the front… » 7/05/15 9:01pm 45 minutes ago

There is an up side and down side to everything I guess.

Decided I’d finally bite the bullet and do some preemptive maintenance on my Disco’s biggest known issue, the head gaskets. They were starting to weep and probably could have lasted another year or two, but why risk them giving up the ghost when I’m in the middle of nowhere. Everything was going fine until I got to… » 7/05/15 6:56pm Today 6:56pm

I got Kinja'd Bigtime.... By Verizon.

This morning I texted the very nice unnamed CEO asking when he would be around today to check out the cars. I texted him at 9:15 asking if I could swing by before noon, as that was when we’d be leaving. He texted me back at 9:50, but I didn’t recieve the message until 1:30, by which time we were off-cape and service… » 7/05/15 6:41pm Today 6:41pm