Insurance found me at fault because the other guy claimed he signaled and it became his word against mine. Thank god for accident forgiveness, but I’ll have to try fixing the damage myself (hahahahahahahaha). The dents aren’t really fixable, but the marks should buff out. Yay for plastic Kawasakis. In other news, I… » 6/30/15 8:35am 26 minutes ago

We will build them bigger, stronger, faster....

I stumbled across this scene on my way to work yesterday. The differences between the new and old Rams was striking. The size difference isn’t just parallax at work. The new one really is quite large compared to the old. The old RAM in front was 4WD with a small lift, and it was still shorter than the new one. I … » 6/30/15 8:21am 41 minutes ago

Fun with Seattle Craigslist

Inspired by duurtlang’s Importable Ebay finds, I have scoured Craigslist for the most random vintage stuff on Seattle Craigslist. Today we set the year bars for 1980-1985. So pop on some Hall and Oates and check out all the stuff that’s still in daily circulation. » 6/30/15 1:21am Today 1:21am