Mmm, Porkers 

Monday... a day like any other, but worse. The dull monotony overbearing, various wheeled shapes in and out, glazed eyes and borderline narcolepsy. But wait, what’ s this? A gold, black and red crest, a rearing stallion charging through the door... not once, twice, but thrice! This Monday’s not so bad, then. Not often… » 8/31/15 5:24pm Today 5:24pm

Anachronisms - Show me yours!

I was thinking about this the other day. Most cars use some version of this icon as the idiot light for oil. When you pause and think ... that’s pretty darned odd. I mean, when’s the last time anyone used one of those old time oil fillers? 1928? Yet, we drive our whole lives - lives passed with out ever even seeing » 8/31/15 5:09pm Today 5:09pm