Car search update: the plot, uh, re-thickens.

My wife has switched gears on me (car puns!) and now suddenly the Mazda 3 and the second gen Vibe are back in the game. She wants to start test driving this month too. Yeah, sure, she said that she just wanted me to go out and decide for her, but she wisely reconsidered. She’s actually getting excited over the… » 8/30/15 10:30pm 45 minutes ago

I'm Not Sure I've Ever Experienced This Level of Want Before

So I’ve been spending a lot of time on Craigslist since the Jaguar became sold, and I’ve seen some cool stuff. Mostly I’ve been looking at Fox body Mustangs, but I’ve also found a nice ‘66 Mustang coupe (six cylinder 3 speed!) and a lot of other neat junk...but this? This is just fantastic.… » 8/30/15 10:24pm 50 minutes ago