My High School Really Is Brilliant (/s)

Next Wednesday we have PSAT testing for freshmen and sophomore classes. Our main academic building is three stories: First floor is freshmen. Second is sophomore and junior. Third is seniors and a few juniors. So where will the freshmen and sophomore be taking this test? The third floor. And which teachers will… »10/06/15 12:45pm49 minutes ago

We need an explanation guide to FWD

Remember this? Remember what a big hit it was? Why don’t we have one for FWD? I know that FWD is akin to some sort of voodoo magic - for decades people tried all sorts of workarounds to get a FWD setup to work. Everyone from Cord to Cadillac to Audi tried longitudinal mounts with what’s essentially the front half of… »10/06/15 12:38pm56 minutes ago