This happened totally on accident

I mean, not the parking part, but one of my co-workers has this nice 2000 996 C2S cab (with only 30-something k on the clock), he barely ever drives it to work. This is the second time I’ve taken the f-car to work. Both are 2000’s, both are similar shades of silver, and both are super low miles for the age (his is… » 7/05/15 10:10pm 54 minutes ago

Confused on the Matrix's Tire Choices

It slightly bewilders me why the previous owners put Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 tires (high performance sports tires) in the back and Primewell Valera Touring ($50 dollars prius tires) in the front. I know the concept of less oversteer with the grippier compound in the back, but I am slightly worried about the front… » 7/05/15 9:01pm Today 9:01pm