Rumours gaining traction: is Lotus about to become Renault F1?

Something has to change for Renault in F1. Currently, they are being regularly beaten up verbally by someone wearing Red Bull branded clothing. Before, when their V8s were powering Vettel from championship to championship, nobody seemed to notice them. And if Carlos Ghosn demands change, it’ll be drastic. » 7/03/15 8:39am 45 minutes ago

Guys, Guys, GUYS!!!

Guess what?!

Yeah you won’t anyway but as some of you may know I used to work for a car dealership. And while talking with one of my friends there who knows I’m looking for a car, they told me that they have a nice CTS on the lot. Knowing that this person is not automotively-inclined, I asked if they knew anything… » 7/03/15 6:01am Today 6:01am