Fred Shammas - the Iranian hobbyist who brought plastic to life

Fred Shammas was an active member of the plastic aircraft modeling community who died almost exactly two years ago due to a disease or cancer that I’ve honestly forgotten now. He was most notable for his very lifelike photography techniques and tutorials on how to achieve the same effects. Living behind what we in the… » 8/27/15 5:23pm Today 5:23pm

I Think I Need To Be Committed, I Like Rental Cars

For a long time I had a great number of cars to drive. They were of all shapes, sizes and legal status. I’ve had everything from a fire breathing Corvette race car, to a Dodge ram that probably dwarfed the Titanic. This meant on any given day I could grab a set of keys and one of my four wheeled vehicles would whisk… » 8/27/15 4:19pm Today 4:19pm