A Practical Guide to Pickup Truck Aero-mods

As a follow-up to my Road Trip post and a few real-life questions about the air dam and tonneau, I’d like to provide a practical guide on pickup truck drag reduction. This article will spend some time in the hypermiler camp and some in the land speed racing camp, but the day-to-day differences will make little… » 7/29/15 7:45pm 23 minutes ago

Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo Track Day 2015 Photos

Every year our local Ferrari dealership hosts a track day for sports car and exotic car owners. This year’s event was special because three of Ron Tonkin’s personal cars, the F40, F50, and Enzo, would be attending and driving around the track. Seeing them all parked next to each other was pretty special. To see the… » 7/29/15 7:34pm 34 minutes ago

Mad Libs: Flooded Basement Edition (SOLVED)

Let’s play a game of Mad Libs. I had some issues with my furnace/air conditioning that was causing water to fill up in the basement. Finally got it looked at, but the carpet in my room is now soaked and totally boned. But, for your enjoyment, let’s fill in the blanks as to what caused the problem! The person who gets… » 7/29/15 7:12pm 56 minutes ago

Should Dashcams Be The Next Safety Requirement?

Dashcams. Whether you’re a viewing member of Jalopnik, a regular poster on your favourite local car forum, or even just a viewer hoard on YouTube, chances are you’re all familiar with dashcams. There’s no dispute that they can save your ass when it comes to an insurance claim. Mine has even saved me from a deductible… » 7/29/15 6:55pm Today 6:55pm