The History of my caR: Am I a stalker or a good detective?

So like many people, I bought my used car at a stealership. The good thing about dealers are that the process of buying can be easier, and you most likely get some sort of warranty. One of the bad things is that you (usually) have no clue about the previous owner. After over three years of ownership, I was able to… » 5/23/15 12:40pm 15 minutes ago

Monaco GP: Your Pre-Race Briefing

Is Monaco the most thrilling GP of the year? Certainly not. But it’s the must-watch race of the season. The public image of F1 originated here: first F1 came to the tax-haven to profit from its glamour, now Monaco polishes it’s image by hosting the most traditional race in the narrow streets. Find everything you need… » 5/23/15 11:46am Today 11:46am

Flipping a convertible, which one would you choose?

Yesterday I spotted a familiar to me convertible. It had been offered on an obscure site, got sold, and is now offered on a more popular auction site (not ebay). The highest bid was twice what the original asking price by the previous seller was. The car was untouched but better photographed. That inspired me.
» 5/23/15 11:40am Today 11:40am