1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20V: But The Wife Wants A 5 Series

Our affliction for old Audis is colored by rose-tinted glasses, and brought into high-definition clarity with 20-20 hindsight. A 5000S, Ur-S4, or Coupe Quattro? Sure, back in the day they were junk fixable only at the dealer. But today we have the power of the Internet. Compound that with the fact the horrible cars… »Today 5:59pm12/01/15 5:59pm

I just might be one of those “nightmare IT workers.” I work for the IT department at my high school, and as part of our tech program every student gets a MacBook air which they buy over their four years. So anyway I am one of the most trusted tech mentors as it they are called, and I have been tasked with finding ways… »Today 5:52pm12/01/15 5:52pm