When test driving a car be aware of your surroundings. 

Story time, gather ‘round. I was at the park again grilling out because steak. And notice a caprice with oversized rims driving around the “streets” in the park. Reving the motor, On the gas then brakes where the front of the car would lift then come down and rub the tires when suspension settled, and would rub on the… » 7/28/15 9:16pm 25 minutes ago

Living in the 12th largest city in the world* is a job for large cars.

That up there is where I live, a 11,244,369 people global city called São Paulo. My parents moved here from Switzerland when I was a kid and I like to think I probably wouldn’t be able to live anywhere else, the country-side is too boring and constantly smells of horse shit, the beach is full of people from the… » 7/28/15 7:57pm Today 7:57pm

How NOT to Ford a River on your Fatbike

This is the wrong way. If you do this, you will not ride out of it. You will find that the narrow part of the river is much deeper, and you will go down a steep, sandy hill into the watery abyss. Your saddle will go under water. Your water bottle will go under water. Your Clif bar and tools will go under water. Your… » 7/28/15 7:45pm Today 7:45pm