Largest 1 Day Car Show in the U.S. at the GM Tech Center Michigan

I entered enemy grounds and brought the Boss 302 to the GM car show. I grew up in Ford country (aka Dearborn, MI) but my brother works for GM. He offered to let me enter my car under his name so why not?!? It was the perfect day to check out a lot of cool rides. I would attach pictures if I wasn’t Kinja’d!!! Not happy… » 7/28/15 7:09am 12 minutes ago

Sudden realization: I have been reading Jalopnik/Gawker for 6 years. 

On a whim I went and looked through my comment history. It was mostly uninteresting literary tripe from someone who was clearly in love with his own stupid ideas, but there was one COTD in there as well as a reference to the Thundercougarfalconbird. Back in 2010 I was getting pedantic about the wheel size on WRXes vs… » 7/28/15 12:55am Today 12:55am

Im building a thing. Not that anyone is on to see it....

A few weeks ago I picked up a seat from a early 90s Honda Prelude that was in surprisingly good shape and said I was going to use it for a racing rig/sim. Well, after much procrastination I finally got around do building the damn thing. By no means is it done (I still have to make a rear bit for the seat to go on and… » 7/28/15 12:29am Today 12:29am