Closed F1 Cockpits

I’m sure someone has covered this, I was just thinking about how to design an F1 car with a closed cockpit. Seems like it might have to be the way of the future, we can justify some danger but a random wheel strike or some silly incident killing a driver is preventable. I was up close looking at the Porsche LMP1 car… » 9/02/15 1:25pm 20 minutes ago

Fantasy WorldRX Preview: Temple of Rallycross

It’s a busy period for WorldRX now, with rounds every fortnight until mid-October. This weekend we have the event with the highest amount of spectators, Loheac in France. This is also a popular event for wildcard drivers, and in addition to the WorldRX regulars we find a WTCC champion, former WRC-drivers and the best… » 9/02/15 1:19pm 26 minutes ago

I Have a Car Problem With Gotham

If you like Batman, if you like origin stories, and if you like Fox; you probably like Gotham. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s a well crafted show. However, it has some quirks that I’m really having trouble with. They may or may not ruin the experience of the show, but with a show with such a high… » 9/02/15 1:00pm 46 minutes ago