Dear Austin: Can we swap keys for a bit?

If there is one thing that has hampered my writing career, it’s the fact that I haven’t driven many cars that would inform my world experience. Granted I have access to an M3, and my DD was an S2000 for more than a year. But with just my 944 out here, and I’m definitely not getting press cars, I feel like I need to… » 8/29/15 7:01pm 53 minutes ago

Lime Rock Oppo Meet 1 Week Notice!

Yes, that’s right folks, only one more week until the Lime Rock Historics races. I know some of us will be there, as usual anyone interested in meeting up can email me at samson!te94@gmail (replace the ! with an i), otherwise you can catch me hanging around the paddock in an Oppo T-shirt around 12-1 o’clock Saturday,… » 8/29/15 6:47pm Today 6:47pm

Help me pick new tires oppo

So winter is coming (brace yourselves) and my wife and I were planning on getting new tires for the Explorer cause when we bought it we figured it had just enough tread left to get us through fall. Then yesterday I get an email saying my discount tire card has gotten a credit limit increase so we will probably be… » 8/29/15 6:15pm Today 6:15pm