I don't like people

What is it with the impatient, more-important-than-you types that seem to be taking over the whole damned planet? I was in line at Costco today getting a bite to eat. Some douchenozzle went over to the register that was not open and tried to place an order. He was informed that there was a line off to the left, and he… »10/04/15 11:10pmYesterday 11:10pm

The first dedicated hot-rod company for airplanes.

Menasco Motors Company built inverted inline-4 and inline-6 cylinder engines in the golden age of aviation, the 1930’s. Al Menasco had no problem building something custom as well. That meant you could get a factory race engine for your airplane. The real fast guys had a supercharger to go with it. This is the Chester… »10/04/15 10:22pmYesterday 10:22pm

Question of the Night: How many cylinders is too many?

Over the last century and then some of automobile production, there have been vehicles made with all number of cylinders. Today, the most in a reasonably-high volume production vehicle is the 16-cylinder in the Bugatti Veyron. However, it took 4 turbochargers and a mass of engineering to get it to 1001 hp, and in its… »10/04/15 10:06pmYesterday 10:06pm