Audi just threw away all of their sporting reputation

The issue with DTM is that every manufacturer has 8 cars in the race. After the first few races, the team principals make it a team game and try to protect their best placed driver in the standing. Team orders and not very nice blocking or letting by is the result. What happened in Spielberg is far, far more worse. » 8/02/15 12:39pm 9 minutes ago

The Story of Michigan's Most Jalop Street - Woodward Avenue 

It was the site of the world’s first traffic light. It has seen everything from horse-drawn carriages to muscle cars cruise its streets. And it has served as a meeting place for young and old petrolheads alike for over a century. This is the story of Michigan’s most Jalop street - Woodward Avenue.

Woodward Avenue, also… » 8/02/15 12:15pm 33 minutes ago

"Cruisin' the 'Boro" last night

We went to a car show last night called “Cruisin the ‘boro,” in Murphysboro, IL. I thought it would be more cruising around a town square type of deal but it wasn’t, I was kind of disappointed in that respect. It was still cool though, they closed off about 3 blocks around the town square and you can park on the… » 8/02/15 12:10pm 37 minutes ago

Crisis = invention. Linear induction trains.

1973 America. Oil crisis. Everyone was wondering where their next tank of gas would come from as well as hoping they didn’t loose their President. (They lost him a year later but their gas came back). This was a Linear induction motor train. 250mph-noiseless propulsion. This is what the Hyperloop is going to utilize I… » 8/02/15 11:07am Today 11:07am