The Institutionalization of Rage: A Few Words on the Aftermath of the WDBJ7 Shooting

Right now, the United States is a nation embroiled in more wars than it almost literally can count - because our society has a love affair with them. From actual, literal wars - the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, the kind-of-sort-of war against the kind-of-sort-of nation/caliphate of the Islamic States of… » 8/28/15 11:36am 2 minutes ago

What has happened to the euro droptops?

German sports(y)cars? They still make an audi TT, a Z4 exists, the Mercedes SLK is still a car...Porsche seems to be doing ok with cayman but it’s half their age and just released a rack variant to keep interest up...these others, i’m not even sure if a show floor salesman could direct me to one adn their marketing is… » 8/28/15 11:12am 26 minutes ago

A Drive To Work In Two Very Different Sport Sedans

Today marks nearly two months since I purchased my 1996 Saab 9000 Aero, and four years (!) since taking ownership of my 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Platinum. To commemorate this anniversary, I’ve decided to write a comparison review using both cars on my daily commute to work. But how do I decide which one to drive first? » 8/28/15 10:49am 49 minutes ago

It's sunk twice, caught fire on my shoot but I still want an Amphicar

Smoke pours out of the open engine cover as flames lick the still-sparking starter motor. “That’s OK,” says owner Fred Pierce, “we’ve got lots of fire extinguishers.” It might seem strange for an owner to react to such an emergency so casually, but Pierce and his beloved 1963 Amphicar 770 have been through a lot over… » 8/28/15 10:10am Today 10:10am