This reminds me of a conversation with a friend a while back. His grandfather had a scrapyard and had gotten in the shell of a stingray corvette. No drivetrain or suspension but otherwise complete(if rough). He and I were pondering what would be the ultimate troll-mobile to make out of the car. The idea was that each… » 8/03/15 2:10pm 8 minutes ago

I have never been so happy to find a problem with my car.

On my way home from Caffeine and Octane, I got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half over just a mile (assholes cutting in at the last second made even worse by the assholes who actually let them in.) and my car overheated. Coolant was steaming out and I couldn’t pull over because of all the line-cutters on both… » 8/03/15 2:00pm 18 minutes ago

Dude Getting Rid Of Collection Of Weird Worthless Beaters

A couple of Fridays ago, I found a cheap old ‘88 Fiero Formula (the one you want). Anywho, as I continue looking through the cheap car craigslist ads because that’s what I do, I keep seeing other weird neglected listings pop up. After a few, I realized that they were all from the same dude, and it looks like he’s… » 8/03/15 1:50pm 28 minutes ago

It's beater E24 time 

A couple days ago I bought an ‘81 633CSi.....5 speed. It looks better in pictures, it’s rough around the edges, has one of the worst clear coat situations I’ve ever seen, and an exhaust leak that makes it sound like a V8 at idle. But it has under 200k kms, and very little rust for an E24. And it was $1000. » 8/03/15 1:29pm 49 minutes ago