Jeremy Clarkson vs De'Andre Johnson—just sayin'.

Quite a few folks on Jalop were questioning why Clarkson had to go after punching that producer, but when you see this kind of craven BS from his lawyer after De’Andre Johnson got into that bar ruckus I’m glad that in the UK someone like Clarkson takes his L and doesn’t try to pull some shit like this: » 7/06/15 11:05pm A minute ago

This weekend's haul from the pick and pull, now with more turbo. 

So it was half off at the local Pick ‘n’ Pull junkyard, even admission was half off! I of course went scrounging and here’s what I got, along strange looks for carrying a 90 lb. toolbox in one hand, and a 30lb. one in the other, my 1/4” battery impact in one pocket, and my bit set in the other. But hey, I had all the… » 7/06/15 10:04pm Today 10:04pm