Thinking about my future as a writer, while I write a review of a racing wheel.

Things I need to do for myself as someone who writes about cars and this country.
1. Drive my hero’s. Low key ones at first, but the McLaren is the goal
2. Drive across the country. Pretty simple
3. Drive in a race. Lemons, Spec Miata, something.
3. Travel to more races, in and out of the country.
4. Get hired somewhere.… »10/06/15 1:23amToday 1:23am

What Well-Hated Car Today (Race Car or Road Car) Are You Still Rooting For?

It’s easy to find a car that failed, a car that didn’t live up to expectations, or a car that was simply doomed and shit on it repeatedly. We’ve been there, and a lot of us here on Oppo are guilty of the crime. And yet there are still cars that many hate that we still love, or at least still support. »10/05/15 11:42pmYesterday 11:42pm

A Terrible Diary of Petit Le Mans (But the Track is Awesome When It's Dry)

It was a weekend we all like to refer to as Mitsubishi vs. Georgia Weather. No one could escape the elements - rain, red mud, drizzle, more mud, humidity, and legit streams of water flowing down the esses of Road Atlanta. It was not a weekend for our rental Mitsubishi Lancer (I can now tell you for a fact that a… »10/05/15 11:15pmYesterday 11:15pm