Damn Cars

So my clutch was feeling like it was going the other day. I had one of my GM techs go with me on a test drive and he agreed with me that it was on its way out. So I ordered the LS7 clutch, flywheel, pressure plate, and GTO pilot bearing to get replaced. This was a few days ago and my tech finally got to it. And there…



Planning a Mountain cruise for either Monday, December 26th or Friday, December 30th, and everyone is welcomed to come along. Come for a nice drive to Cullowhee and back. We are leaving from Pickens, SC. I am having a good buddy plot us a new route and we will be stopping for lunch in Cullowhee at Tuck’s Tap & Grille…

Sunchaser Weather

After spending the morning in court in Monterey winning a dismissal, I got home as the wet weather broke. Sunny and 65 degrees - perfect to drive my car, even of it is filthy (no chance to wash it due to rain). So I took it down to the fine folks at Wheel King to mount my new wheel. The guys there are really nice.