Five Great Airliners That Are Facing Extinction

The air travel industry is actually going through major changes, older planes are quickly replaced with boring modern fuel efficient twinjets and some great classic airliners are sadly being retired then parted-out and / or dismantled for recycling. Here’s some of the most endangered airliners at the moment. » 9/01/15 12:52pm 18 minutes ago

Seemingly Ultimate Hide and Seek Spot Turns Out to Not Be Very Good

The Spanish border patrol, known as the Guardia Civil border police, noticed a driver entering Spain was acting nervous, so they searched the car. When they opened the hood, to their surprise, this gentleman from Guinea had crammed himself behind the engine in an attempt to cross into Europe. Upon further inspection a… » 9/01/15 12:43pm 26 minutes ago

Ford's new 2016 Explorer Platinum is expensive... or is it? A competitor comparison

Well, yes it is. But, it’s the top trim. It starts at $52,970, and fully optioned it reaches $59,161, a total of $6,191 in options. That’s a far cry from the $100 I paid for a 1992 Ford Explorer XLT back in 2011, which was almost fully loaded, missing only the sunroof and leather. This 2016 Platinum model is extremely… » 9/01/15 12:42pm 28 minutes ago

Soul searching on a new car... a variety of options

I’ve made some rather teen-angsty posts in the recent past about which new car, should I even get a new car, should I sell my project Alfa and get something new and nice, forget new and nice and get a CPO, should I keep my project and keep my hateful ‘08 Honda CRV LX for another decade... » 9/01/15 12:34pm 36 minutes ago

How Jimmie Johnson Permanently Crashed out of Baja

Today Jimmie Johnson is known as one of the most talented and most accomplished drivers in NASCAR, having won six of the last nine Cup titles. Back up two decades, though, and he was competing in a completely different arena, proving himself to be a powerhouse in stadium truck racing, and an emerging talent in desert… » 9/01/15 12:00pm Today 12:00pm

Fünf Null Part II: Picking the Donor –or- “People on the internet are universally the worst”

I established in my previous post the guiding parameters in choosing my next project: Lightweight. V8. Manual transmission. Rear-wheel-drive. Practical. Simple. Comfortable. Nimble. Cheap. Some of these features could be added in through modifications, but the core values needed to be in place on whatever donor I… » 9/01/15 11:45am Today 11:45am