Driving A '65 Mustang Taught Me A Valuable Lesson

This 1965 Mustang was so beautiful. As soon as I saw it at Mosing Motorcars, I knew I had to drive it. I was salivating all over it like a dog drools over, well, whatever looks like it could be eaten - like an electrical outlet. Kirk, the sales manager of Mosing Motorcars knew immediately what I was up to when he saw… » 8/30/15 3:01pm Today 3:01pm

The ShowToaster is done for Summer

Wrapped up the last major mod that I wanted to do for 2015 today. Custom made Tokyo Skyline graphic. I was trying to decide between a full arctic camo wrap, off center racing stripe or stickerbombed hood/mirrors/fuel door when a custom graphics designer popped up one a Cube Owners Club site with a premade silhouette… » 8/30/15 2:57pm Today 2:57pm

Why Volvo Has Lost Their Way: an unsolicited opinion piece

Look at that. It’s brash. It’s aggressive. It’s an affront to what makes Volvo, well, Volvo. Lately Volvo has been making some of the best cars they have ever made, but there’s something missing. Or rather, something present that wasn’t there before. Panache. That’s not the Volvo that we all grew up with.
» 8/30/15 1:53pm Today 1:53pm