The results are in

Yesterday I asked for your power to weight ratios (or rather more accurately your weight to power ratios) and to find out how much hp a car really needs. I figured we can settle this because Oppo is a pretty good representation of what the car enthusiasts needs. I got 14 car responses and a few bikes. The result is: » 6/02/15 6:22pm 24 minutes ago

APD Officers Injured in Explosion, Driver Seriously Burned

Around 2 am this morning, APD officers tried to question a man when he got back into his car and ignited some sort of explosive flammable device. The initial explosion sent the officers running, and inexplicably, the man climbed back into the burning car. The officers were not seriously injured, but the man may be… » 6/02/15 5:42pm Today 5:42pm

Formula Oppo: The Krispy Cream Grand Prix of The Communist Colony

Welcome to the 7th round of Oppositelock ,jalopnik’s only fantasy formula one game, Formula Oppo! This week we scrub off our messy divorce from Jalopnik and head north to snag some poutine, cheap boner pills and hit on those sexy French-Canadian fifteen year old imported cars. I guess we could also chug some… » 6/02/15 5:02pm Today 5:02pm