Used Car Face-Off: American Luxury, Euro Two Seater Style

Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, American automakers decided that as the European car makers started making it big in America, they should find some way to profit on that success...well, they certainly tried but today it’s up to you to figure out if they succeeded 20 years later...here are three American two… » 8/28/15 9:08pm 3 minutes ago

My Findings After Driving Mostly Stick

Before I acquired my Drivers License I had maybe 7 hours driving experience, all in a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission. I had purchased my truck 2 weeks before I passed my drivers test, after I got my license I exclusively drove my manual pickup. I have now driven over 9000 miles in my truck and about… » 8/28/15 8:23pm 47 minutes ago

Nothing like jacking up the car to swap rear bushings...

And being reminded that Fiat equipped the Tipo Sedicivalvole with a rear suspension system that’s got nothing to do with the one found in the Tipo 1.6. Why they even bothered to call the Sedici a Tipo at this point is beyond me. Even better is how you can’t find the correct bushings in Brazil anymore.
» 8/28/15 8:21pm 50 minutes ago

We all have our moments (something along those lines)

I’m a product manager for a living, which means I start a whole lot of product-related tasks and take them to 90% on the creative side, and then hand them off to other cross-functional folks to complete. It’s a job where my weird intersection of ADD and OCD traits really come in handy. I’ve been thinking about maybe… » 8/28/15 7:37pm Today 7:37pm