The British version of the Japanese take on a modern British roadster?

Here we have a Ginetta G20. I was flipping through my Encyclopedia of Cars reading about all these obscure and/or defunct car companies and came across this. I couldn't help but notice how similar it is to a Miata. Because we all know that the Miata is the car that the Brits should have built, but the Japanese did… » 7/04/15 2:54pm Today 2:54pm

Well, that didnt last...

That great deal on the video card yesterday? Maybe not such a bargain after all. I used the computer briefly this morning and all was well. When I came back a few hours later I had no video. I checked cables, adapters, connections and everything I could think of, but nothing brings back the image. If I pop in my old… » 7/04/15 2:49pm Today 2:49pm