GARAGE SALE SCORE!!! 2 Lund Aluminium Side Tool Boxes for $60 bucks

I just scored two Lund diamond plate truck tool boxes for $30 bucks a piece. As soon as I got home a jumped on the computer to see how much these cost new. The cheapest I found with a major discount is $237.00 USD each and I got these for $30 CAD each ($24.16 USD). Basically I got these for 90% off. » 5/29/15 12:24am Today 12:24am

Anyone know what vehicle these are from? 

Not the red Mazda 323!! The vintage car wheels and axle in front of it. It has been modified in the past for use as a trailer axle on a farm. I’ll list the known facts under the photos but there’s not a lot to go off. » 5/29/15 12:18am Today 12:18am