DAMMIT. One stupid inch is ruining my Lotus plan

My alley is 8’ 7” wide and bordered by my brick house and a steel fence. The car trailer is 8’ 8” wide. I need to get the Lotus to it’s parking spot at the back of my alley. The Lotus is on four flat tires and one of them is slightly detached from the body so rolling is very difficult. Ideas? Aerial view of my alley… » 5/28/15 10:58am 4 minutes ago

The Smokiest CrackPipe, 400 meters away from me right edition

So, let me get this straight Nelson Mazda of Franklin, TN (who have zero inbound inventory of 2016 Mx-5’s). You are asking 28 grand for an 06 SMG equipped M3? Oh it has 50k miles, because that makes an elephant shit pile of difference. If someone were to buy this then it had better damn well come with 250k miles of… » 5/28/15 10:40am 22 minutes ago

Another Crazy Craigslist Find - Meth pipe?

It’s not uncommon to find people who get into a project, find out how in over their head they are, and then try to recoup some of the money flushed down the toilet on it. There are also people who think their time is worth as much to others as it is to them. This race “car” post falls into both camps. I put car in… » 5/28/15 10:15am 46 minutes ago