LED headlights: These are a thing now

I drive at night. A lot. I go to work when it’s dark, and then I come home when it’s dark. Aside from being soul-crushingly depressing, it’s also dark. And deer mating season. And ice-on-the-road season. To that end I decided I needed to see a bit better than the $15 sylvania sealed-beams on the Miata would allow. As… »Today 8:14pm11/27/15 8:14pm

Miata guys; can this be fixed?

Just noticed why my car is leaking so bad around the weatherstripping. It’s not the stripping itself, but I think it’s getting in through this awful gap between the top and the frame. Most miatas I’ve seen have the top more or less flush with the middle of the weatherstripping. Is this what the “tension cable” does?… »Today 8:03pm11/27/15 8:03pm