Decent computer upgrade today

I went to get a leaking tire repaired today, hoping to spend a few hours at the local Micro Center just poking around. Well, the tire shop could either work on the car if I left it all day - not an option - or if I came back on the 13th, also not an option. I guess I’ll keep pumping air into it every few days until I… » 7/03/15 4:36pm 30 minutes ago

Did you try using a hammer? Adventures in plastic modeling

Plastic models are a pain in the ass. No, I don’t mean the type of plastic model Micheal Bay likes to shoot; I mean the kind your dad got you from the hobby store when you were a kid. Probably every kid had at least one at some point. I remember ages ago when I was in middle school sometimes the other kids would try… » 7/03/15 3:15pm Today 3:15pm