Recommend me a first forced-induction daily driver

My trusty ‘98 Subaru Legacy wagon is creeping up to 230,000 miles and I’ve noticed oil consumption trending upwards and fuel economy trending downwards for a few months now. As some point in the not too distant future (next Sunday AD) I will need to replace it with something a few years newer and with significantly… » 7/31/15 6:03pm 10 minutes ago

If you park like this in a shared parking garage, I have some words 

This fucking dude has been parking like this for about a month now. Always movie, backing in and not caring how many spots he takes up. He protrudes out into the middle of the garage, taking up more space than I thought possible. I’m not one to harm others rides, but if there weren’t cameras in this garage he would… » 7/31/15 5:27pm 45 minutes ago

Round 2 of the Oppo Fourza Classic Roadsters Series Starts Tomorrow

The next stop in our trip around the world takes us to the beautiful forests of New England at the Maple Valley Raceway in Maple Valley, New Hampshire. (And for the longest time, I thought it was somewhere in Canada…) » 7/31/15 5:00pm Today 5:00pm

Apparently this isn't educational

If you’ve been to an airshow lately you may have seen these beautiful warbirds. These aircraft, and many more including an F-4 Phantom II, B-25 Mitchell, and a Messerschmitt ME-262 belong to the Collings Foundation in Stow, Massachusetts. Here’s an overview and the organizations mission, as taken from their Facebook… » 7/31/15 4:58pm Today 4:58pm