After Putting Over 100 Miles on Each of Them This Week

I have formed an opinion on the regular cab, 2wd, long bed GMT900s. It’s a mostly positive opinion, so I’ll get my biggest gripe out of the way: The awful seating position. Seriously, I have more leg room in my 4Runner, and it is known for it’s bad seating position. And no this isn’t based off that, this is based off… »10/09/15 6:37pm29 minutes ago

REPORT: Ford Mustang Mid-Cycle Refresh To Bring Back Sealed Beams

The 2015 Mustang had a new look with retro cues like the LED gills in the headlights, and the 2016 Mustang brought back hood-mounted turn signals. If this recently spotted test mule is anything to go by, future Mustangs will take the retro theme yet further by reintroducing sealed lights all around. »10/09/15 6:35pm32 minutes ago