What do you feel was better in the past? (Except cars) 

For me it was JRPGs. Try to find me a good turn based JRPG on a modern console (seriously I’m open to suggestions). All of today’s “RPGs” are just action games where you level up! Now these games aren’t nad but I don’t feel like they’re RPGs. I want the old hardcore, random encounters, controlling every character,… »10/05/15 8:03pm21 minutes ago

So my mom reserved a rental for our upcoming visit to Boston

And today all I’ve read are a bunch of articles that say “Boston is has the highest accident in the country! Boston drivers are worse than anywhere else! Forget LA, D.C., and NYC, you will DEFINITELY DIE if you attempt to drive here. FOR GOD’S SAKE DO NOT OPERATE A MOTOR VEHICLE WITHIN THIS CITY!!!!” Too late now, I… »10/05/15 7:19pmToday 7:19pm