Holy crap, that Ferrari crash was crazier than I thought

The other day I posted a video of Jim Booth getting his 458 up into the catch fence heading down to Turn 5 at Road America over the weekend (search “Ferraris: They’re not just for burning anymore”). CCR Ferrari Challenge has released a video showing other camera angles, and the crash is far crazier than even the video… » 7/02/15 2:24pm 4 minutes ago

Monthly Update: The Best Summer Ever (July)

It just seems like these months are flying by. One after the other. Sometimes I look into the rearview mirror and sit back with amazement at how far I’ve come. Like “wow, I can’t believe this is actually real” and how not too long ago, “happy” wasn’t even a word in my vocabulary. This happens somewhat often, I step… » 7/02/15 2:08pm 20 minutes ago