Brakes = DONE! (General Update On Christine)

Just finished throwing new pads and rotors on the ‘Vette last night. When I was shopping for new rotors (decided to buy new ones rather than taking the gamble of resurfacing my old ones), I came across these sweet drilled rotors on Summit for only a bit more than standard ones costed. Needless to say, I ponied up and… » 5/25/15 8:35pm 21 minutes ago

Lorenzo Bertelli: Official rally driver of Oppositelock?

I was getting caught up on all the action from this past weekend’s Rally Portugal, and found the YouTube channel for Lorenzo Bertelli’s rally team. His team already has the best team name in the WRC, “Fnckmatiè World Rally Team” (no matter how they spell Fnckmatiè we all know what it really is). Then I saw his team’s… » 5/25/15 7:08pm Today 7:08pm

Need Help Obtaining Car Photos

Hello, Opponauts. I’m thinking about creating a series of videos for the interwebs on the history of certain cars with a lot of legacy attached to them. Think 911, Corvette, Mustang, M3, Skyline, etc. I’ll be trying to dig up info that most people don’t know and such, but one thing I need are photos (and video can’t… » 5/25/15 6:55pm Today 6:55pm