Saw a new Dune Beetle

First one I have seen. I like it, the mild lift and slightly wider stance looks really good. I even liked the little spoiler. If this was AWD and maybe had some more go power it would be even better, I’D even consider one maybe! Why did VW have to go 60% on these? It’s not like adding more go and AWD would have been…

Family heritage?

I always knew my grandfather worked for Quaker State oil, but last night I found out that my grandmother worked for Morgan Motors in New Jersey in the 1930s, and she flew in an airplane over a Bears/Royals game in Montreal with the Morgans (a big deal in the ‘30s!). It sure does run in the blood!

My car has a retractable bit for a cigarette lighter and ashtray. I currently have a USB charger plugged in there that has a little hub-like section with the actual charge ports that comes off with it. I’d like to replace it with one that supports Quick Charge, but the space in the retractable tray is really cramped,…