Who can tell me how to get rid of Windows DRM on WMAs?

I upgraded a friend’s XP system with a bigger HD and gave him my old BlackBerry 8110 to use as an MP3 player. He ripped his CD collection using the default settings in Windows Media Player, and now that music won’t play when transferred to the BB, citing DRM issues. I should have changed the default settings in WMP to… »36 minutes ago11/25/15 11:48pm

Looking for suggestions on what I should draw next.

The creative bug bit over the weekend, and as a result I bought some supplies and my first new sketchbook in years. I haven’t drawn since my middle school days... I’m in my early twenties now. After a few practice exercises and frustration, I began to get the hang of things again; and believe that this piece (the last… »58 minutes ago11/25/15 11:26pm

Daddy just ordered himself a turkey day present

It’s made by Techno Toy Tuning, if you have a Japanese car I think you should check out their stuff. They do mostly Japanese cars but do make something for the Vantage and BMW 2002s. The plate by the firewall doesn’t hurt the car, it is designed to fit around the original hood latch plate. The block on a Datsun is… »Yesterday 10:21pm11/25/15 10:21pm