Calling Texas Oppos! The Cheapest Autocross in the State!

My Fellow Texans, If you want to learn/compete at autocross at the best site in Texas for the best price, come to the Texas A&M Sports Car Club’s June 20th Autocross Practice. $20 for on-site non-member registration. It is not a classed/heated event, so cars can run basically whenever, however many times they want. We… » 5/22/15 3:00pm 17 minutes ago

Formula Oppo: The MGM Grand GP of The Old Monte Carlo Plant

Welcome to the 6th round of the second season of the first Oppositelock F1 fantasy selection game known the world over as Formula Oppo! This week we’re heading on down to where the old money meets the new money and the house still takes it all. That’s right folks we’re going to the old Monte Carlo factory on the other… » 5/22/15 2:45pm 32 minutes ago

Friday Find: '87 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Last night the strangest damn thing happened, I was scanning the web for cars to write up on GCFSB and I some how ended up looking at a wide variety of Oldsmobiles. I mean, I know how it actually got started but the strange part was that I continued pouring over literature about various Oldsmobile models and ads for… » 5/22/15 2:30pm 47 minutes ago