Well, I Changed My Plugs

And it Drives and Sounds SOOOOOO MUUUUCCCCH BETTTEEEERRRRRR. No more tick, and it idles much smoother. And the plugs were waaaay bad, I wouldnt be surprised if they were original. They are supposed to be gapped at 0.54”, The ones I pulled out were anywhere from 0.67” to 0.79”. That could be why Ive been getting 14mpg… » 5/23/15 10:49pm 55 minutes ago

I saw a Shelby GT500 in central China

There isn’t much detail I can add, the headline says it. Didn’t get a picture, but this is what it looked like. I see some pretty interesting stuff here in Wuhan (Maybachs, Bentley, Ferrari’s and so on), but this one had me turgid. I’m not the rah rah ‘Murica type, but the look that the Polish and Hungarian girls I… » 5/23/15 10:42pm Today 10:42pm