F1 Berlinetta here. We are guardians of these cars, rather than owners who consume them. Typical car shoppers get carried away with both positive and negative reports of a certain car, and use “something that someone wrote” to either validate or dismiss a car. DeMuro’s Jalopnik article is catered to this kind of… » 5/29/15 2:40pm 5 minutes ago

My Hunt For L.A.'s Best Beater

Like the good Jalop that I am, I’ve been on a hunt for something fun and cheap to drive around for the summer. I’m not sure what my next normal daily driver will be, and I’m in the midst of spending way too much money restoring my Renault Le Car, so I’m looking for something beater cheap. $2500 is the top price I’m… » 5/29/15 1:35pm Today 1:35pm