Dear bucket hat, way reclined, cigarette throwing G37 coupe driver

Haha. You looked like a joke before absolutely unjustified and aggressive road rage—cursing me out next to me while going down the road. A car turning left, I get in the right lane first, then you afterwards (albeit slightly, but several carlengths back), and it’s me who is being tailgated, then threatened verbally,… »10/05/15 4:21pm6 minutes ago

Canadian Euro Plate #9 - New Brunswick

Heyo peoples! AMERICANS ESPECIALLY! I need two more requests for US states to round out the next batch of five (the three I have right now are Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut), so the next two requests I get will be in the next post of US ones. Canadians - You’re down to Manitoba, Newfoundland/Labrador, Yukon,… »10/05/15 4:05pm23 minutes ago

If you’re going to talk about strategic bombing, you have to mention the granddaddy of strategic bombing theory, Giulio Douhet. It was Douhet and his WWII disciples (LeMay, Mitchell, Trenchard, Wever, among others) who believed you could bomb a nation into submission, only to have his theories thoroughly disproven in… »10/05/15 3:16pmToday 3:16pm

Volvo 740 Superleggera project update, Matt Farah on podcast tomorrow.

So you asked me for a video series of my old Volvo being turned into the 740 Superleggera... Episode one and two are out. For those of you who wanted to listen to the podcast, but on YouTube. Well your in luck, we have episodes being posted to YouTube. More will come out this week, also tomorrows podcast episode will… »10/05/15 2:44pmToday 2:44pm