Need Help Obtaining Car Photos

Hello, Opponauts. I’m thinking about creating a series of videos for the interwebs on the history of certain cars with a lot of legacy attached to them. Think 911, Corvette, Mustang, M3, Skyline, etc. I’ll be trying to dig up info that most people don’t know and such, but one thing I need are photos (and video can’t… » 5/25/15 6:55pm 4 minutes ago

Do you want to see my terrible car designs?

Over the years, I designed quite a sizeable amount of cars (on paper that is). Today I was cleaning up my room, so naturally I rediscovered some of my old gems. Since I don’t really have any real use for them, I may as well show a selection of the better ones to you. Question is, do I make one huge post with all of… » 5/25/15 4:50pm Today 4:50pm

Why you shouldn't get a sport bike as your first bike.

So, I responded to a (slightly old) post about a guy who wanted to get into motorcycling. Too often, I see discussions about beginner bikes centered around how much power a certain bike has or “That’s way too fast for a beginner!” and in my experience, there’s so much more to it than that, so I decided to discuss it a… » 5/25/15 4:40pm Today 4:40pm