I both worked in advertising and owned a lifted modified Isuzu Rodeo when the VehiCROSS was launched. Being on an Isuzu parts list and a new car owner (the completely invalidated warranty not withstanding) they sent me a fancy-pantsy brochure on the VehiCROSS. » 9/02/15 12:37am Today 12:37am

Who's familiar with 2nd gen S10s?

I recently reinsured my beloved Blazer, and am pretty sure I’m going to put some money and work into the old thing instead of letting it slowly die. It has 310,000 kms on it, and I bought it for $600, but the damn thing just will not die. Plus I’ve road tripped a ton in it and it basically feels like a second home, so… » 9/02/15 12:05am Today 12:05am