Message / request for all you Red Bull drinkers

If you buy and drink Red Bull, but don’t play Destiny, may I make a request? Could you post your tab codes for people to use here? That way nothing’s wasted and I don’t have to buy stuff I can’t stomach just to get some stupid perk for a worthless waste of time addictive as hell video game that I can’t put down. » 7/02/15 9:39am Just now

Interview with Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez of Jalopnik/APiDA Online

Behind the Wheel” is a series of interviews that will be an ongoing theme with TCF, interviewing not the CEO’s and chief designers of the automotive industry, but rather those who report on them. Previously, I held an interview with SaabKyle04, detailing how he started his career and where it has led him as well as … » 7/02/15 8:10am Today 8:10am