What was the Earliest Production Car to Reach 100 HP/Liter?

Specific Output (that is, the amount of power produced relative to its displacement) is one of many metrics used to compare the performance of an engine. The holy grail, at least for naturally aspriated engines, is to produce over 100 horsepower per liter (100 hp/liter). I was reminded of the 1968 Subaru 360 Young SS,… »Today 8:45pm11/30/15 8:45pm

Let's play "Spot the reckless asshole"

Hey, look at that, I win! For some reason my camera didn’t start filming we started driving, so the first part of this encounter didn’t get caught. We were in the rightmost lane of a three lane each way road, and this black Ram was tailgating the shit out of another pickup in the far left lane. Being a surface street,… »Today 7:45pm11/30/15 7:45pm