Puke in a cup

Unaware of this further cheapening of food, I accidentally purchased something called ‘Cultured Dairy Blend’ when I meant to buy yogurt. WTF is this stuff? This crap is nasty. I had no idea they had found a way to cheapen yogurt. Pasty and filled with all sorts of artificial sweeteners, I couldn’t stand more than a… » 8/04/15 3:41pm 44 minutes ago

Dear Driver of the Black BMW M5...

I feel you. You drive a nearly $100k dollar car, you’ve got plenty of cash, and by God you’re better than most people out there. They just don’t have anywhere nearly as important to go as you do, because they aren’t as important as you are. You also have a fast, German made machine that was designed to cruise the… » 8/04/15 3:00pm Today 3:00pm