My first big wrenching project: Civic engine swap

It’s no secret that the D16Y7 in my Canadian Honda Civic was getting a bit tired. A rev above 5k resulted in a plume of blue smoke, and it burnt through oil at a rate of one quart per 300 miles. I topped out at only 30mpg and was probably only making 75hp. The transmission’s input shaft was screaming for mercy and the… » 5/25/15 12:53pm 9 minutes ago

The Resurrection, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Yes, technically, it is still spring (if it isn’t, oops). The chrome is gleaming, and the road is ready. But where is the Cutlass? Outside, waiting to be towed up tomorrow. Expect vlogs of the coming updates. In the mean time, lets look over the Good, Bad, and Ugly of this $1000 brougham. » 5/25/15 12:32pm 30 minutes ago

A Victory Handed: Monaco Grand Prix Debrief

An unexpected safety car can change a race, especially around the streets of Monaco. While today’s race held more of a procession than we’re used to at any other track on the F1 calendar, the outcome of the Grandest Grand Prix of All was more than one could envision. » 5/25/15 10:59am Today 10:59am