Red Bull GRC Rounds 5 & 6: Detroit

Last weekend the Red Bull Global Rallycross series headed to Detroit for two races on a specially created, .757-mile course on Belle Isle - the same place where the Indy cars race around that huge fountain. Ken Block took his record-setting sixth career victory on Saturday, and Patrik Sandell earned his first win of… » 7/30/15 11:18pm 27 minutes ago

Oppo, Educate Me On Volkswagen GTIs

In an effort to maintain my sanity while job hunting I’ve started browsing for potential future cars I would like to purchase. (I’ve already researched all I can on Full Frame DSLRs and automatic watches.) During my searches through Craigslist, the GTI has piqued my interest. Yes it’s FWD and I crave for RWD but if… » 7/30/15 10:35pm Today 10:35pm

Dream whatever Giveaway - the math

I did it... I finally gave in to the pretty, pretty pictures and made a donation to New Beggining Children’s Homes so that I could have 60 chances (out of untold millions) to win two beautiful Corvettes, a C2 big block and a C7 Z06/Z07. Of course, I’m the type of person who always wonders if there’s a better way to do… » 7/30/15 10:29pm Today 10:29pm