There's no one I want to vote for. (Warning: Political Stuff)

I love my country and it’s people. However, I still haven’t been able to find anyone I want to vote for . The problem is that everyone is either far right or far left. I want someone who can see both sides of the arguement. I have a mixture of republican and democratic beliefs. Such as: » 6/29/15 11:10pm 37 minutes ago

Goodnight Oppo

The dealership where we found “the car” didn’t just have Ferraris, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis. Out back, they also had this, which puts all the new supercars to shame. It looked to have been fully restored, because it was in perfect shape and drop dead gorgeous. Apparently, even at ten grand apiece, Ford MoCo lost… » 6/29/15 10:37pm Today 10:37pm

A Friend of Mine Is Selling His Focus Wagon

Because He just got a Ranger. The focus is actually in great physical shape, he just got the transmission serviced at the same place that did my clutch (so you know they did a good job, and if not they stand by their work.), but it has an exhaust leak and needs filters and whatnot for emissions, the hood latch also… » 6/29/15 10:06pm Today 10:06pm

Convince me not to buy this car

I’m looking at buying my first car to learn how to wrench on this and next summer, with the goal of making it a daily driver when I graduate from college in 2017. I want something interesting, hopefully some interesting combo of manual, RWD/AWD, wagon, other Jalop-ish weirdness, etc. Not super-into the whole brown… » 6/29/15 9:23pm Today 9:23pm