Headlight has "foggy" spots on the inside. Suggestions?

Title says it all. One of my headlights has this weird spotting going on. It appears to be on the inside of the light (but I may be wrong). It’s not a uniform haze but rather sporadic cloudiness. I have never seen any moisture inside the lamp, though. Here’s another pic with the light turned on. Has anyone experienced… »10/08/15 1:57pm26 minutes ago

Eyeglasslopnik advice needed

Well it’s time for new prescription eye wear so I don’t pull a Mr. Magoo as a part of every second of the waking experience, and I need some advice and recommendations. I’ve researched the usual budget suspects - VisionWorks, America’s Best, blah blah and on - and come up with bupkis in terms of actually useable and… »10/08/15 1:49pm34 minutes ago

I'm Glad Top Gear is Dead

As a professional TV watcher and mentally-afflicted automotive fetishist, Top Gear is part of my regular leisure time rotation. As soon as news of the “fracas” broke earlier this year, in which we learned not to let Jeremy’s blood sugar get too low, I’ve seen tons of comments crying the end of times, condemning the… »10/08/15 1:47pm36 minutes ago