Should Dashcams Be The Next Safety Requirement?

Dashcams. Whether you’re a viewing member of Jalopnik, a regular poster on your favourite local car forum, or even just a viewer hoard on YouTube, chances are you’re all familiar with dashcams. There’s no dispute that they can save your ass when it comes to an insurance claim. Mine has even saved me from a deductible… » 7/29/15 6:55pm 27 minutes ago

Got my first speeding ticket. Sort of bummed.

20+ years of driving, and got my first ticket. It’s for 10 over, not too terrible. They want $125. Unfortunately it hundreds of miles from my house, so it’s just not practical for me to request a court date and spend my time and gas money getting back to the far away courthouse where the hearing would be held, and… » 7/29/15 6:31pm 51 minutes ago