Found on CL - Hittin' the pipe

Two 2007 GT500s? Less than 40 miles each? $52k per car? NO. Whoever bought these just basically wasted their money. If this adds up properly, these were driven, averaged out, half a mile per year! Money down the drain, and the seller is not going to make anywhere near what they’re asking for these. If he cuts his… » 8/29/15 3:38pm Today 3:38pm

Brakes, Brakes, Brakes and one more Brake

Did you guess I was doing my brakes today? Did the pads so far and thinking about diving in to the stainless steel lines and a flush which I have everything for but I’m so damn lazy. Down to my issue, the majority of my pads were fine, with even wear and could have lasted a bit longer but my drivers front were a bit… » 8/29/15 3:38pm Today 3:38pm

First Saturday Cruise in the New-to-Me Q45t

From what I’ve been reading, it seems like Oppo is having a great Saturday! This afternoon, I forgot about internship emails, my weekend to-do list, and post-college job-searching via escaping into the Massachusetts countryside for a few hours in the fancy Datsun. I’ve never owned a car like this, and it’s been… » 8/29/15 3:25pm Today 3:25pm

A Good Day to Drive the Ratstang

Loud, cantankerous and makes all occupants smell like gasoline well after exiting the vehicle. Speedo doesn’t work so you have to do some math based on what rpm it is and what gear you’re in. And the Bonneville Salt Flat rear ratio of 2.70 only makes use of 3 of the swapped Tremec’s 5 gears. But it’s all worth it when… » 8/29/15 3:17pm Today 3:17pm