Since it's a talk about what ever thread, and since this is probably not in line with what others are talking about, waited until this was slightly buried to ask this. Reading the Kinja FAQ it says to ask a mod on open boards like this for permission to post. but I do not know who the mods are, or how to find out?… »10/09/15 11:33am38 minutes ago

A Not Totally Stock BMW F30 328i 6-Speed MANUAL Review

A few months ago I picked up a 2012 BMW 328i sedan with a manual transmission. It’s about time I gave it a proper write-up and review. I’d like to say I’m unbiased, but if I was Iron Man, that light in my chest may look a bit different. Cause, you know…it’d be a roundel. Get it? Alright, without further ado, my 2012… »10/09/15 11:17am54 minutes ago