What Would A GMFCA Merger Look Like?

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is still on a quest to merge with General Motors, and seems to be the only one who thinks it’s a good idea. GM has no interest in such a merger, so I don’t see how it can actually happen. But if it did, what then? The two current competitors have a great deal of overlap in their… » 8/31/15 10:09pm 23 minutes ago

Keep Oppo Branigan

Good evening Oppo. Over the past few days, I’ve shared a few songs from my driving playlist which is essentially composed of my favourite songs. Tonight, I’d like to share a song that is in my top 3 along with Out of Touch and Africa. The 1983 hit “Gloria” by the late Laura Branigan is simply an amazing song. I hope… » 8/31/15 10:09pm 24 minutes ago

And now for today's episode of "Why Pa. Drivers Suck"

Today’s clueless Pennsylvania driver is a guy weaving through heavy rush hour traffic this afternoon. During one of his unpredictable moves, he cuts me off while swerving into my lane in reaction to the guy who didn’t see him and changed lanes. Captain Pennsylvania pulls up alongside the truck who slighted him and… » 8/31/15 9:29pm Today 9:29pm

Unpopular Opinion Time

This reminds me a bit of the biker group in New York, only instead of sports bikes and a Range Rover, it’s been San Francisco-ified with cyclists and a Zipcar Subaru. I don’t care who technically hit who here. Speaking as a cyclist and a motorist, I say this: if it were me, the second a group of people surround my car… » 8/31/15 8:29pm Today 8:29pm