Oppo, I've realized my dream car.

As a car guy, one of the most irritating and hardest questions you can get asked is something along the lines of, “what’s your dream car?” or “if you could only have one car, what would it be?”. I’ve always had a really hard time answering that question. I might throw around cars like the C6 Corvette ZR1 or a 2nd-gen… »18 minutes ago12/01/15 11:27am

The Ultimate, No-Holds-Barred Motorcycle Starter Kit Gift Basket to Go From Zero to Riding

Going from novice to experienced auto driver has become second-nature in the U.S. - you just take the mandatory courses offered through wherever (in my case through my own high school) and then your parents toss you the keys to their ride until you flip enough burgers to buy your own ‘93 Integra from Craigslist.… »Today 10:33am12/01/15 10:33am

ClubLoose North 2015 highlight photos 

I didn’t make it to all the Clubloose North events in 2015 at NHMS, but I did make it to most of them and I shot a ton of photos over the summer. While folks practiced drifting, I was able to practice shooting. If you live in New England, definitely check out drifting with ClubLoose North. I really hope the popularity… »Today 10:28am12/01/15 10:28am