Jaguar XE Review - UK Drive EXCLUSIVE

But now for the real test.

What does it ride like?

Well, all the other reviews to date have only driven this in Spain, on pristine toll roads and around a race track…yes really…a race track?!

Taking it down some heavily rutted, pitted and pot holed B roads the XE doesn’t disappoint.

Even with our XE’s ‘Sport Suspension’…

» 5/30/15 1:07pm Today 1:07pm

How does one check for rocker panel rust?

So I might be checking this out at some point as a possible trade for my automatic E39 (142k, just dumped a ton of money into it, but it’s been keyed while the PO had it, has some cosmetic issues, needs brakes, and has an alarming drumming noise from the front wheels that I’m not particularly interested in… » 5/30/15 1:07pm Today 1:07pm

Weekend Wallpaper

Here are two unpublished photos from Bimmerfest that I’ve been using as wallpaper on my computer this week. I wish I’d been around when the E30 M3 was out on the track, I was told that it sounded absolutely amazing. » 5/30/15 1:00pm Today 1:00pm