Resharing my die-cast car collection

Original post is very old now but I have noticed a resurgence of die-cast cars on the FP and Oppo (not to mention the LALD subblog) and wanted to share part of my collection with those who are interested. The pictures are sorta crummy and I’m thinking of doing a part 2 to cover the remaining models with a better… »10/06/15 8:48pm4 minutes ago

It's done

And it was quick and painless. I am now on Windows 10 master race!!!!!! Using the Edge browser which isn’t even horrible. At least for the 13 minutes it took me to log in and type this up in Kinja. Earlier I was asking how long it would take. I’m not sure how long the download took, I put it going and walked away. The… »10/06/15 7:43pmToday 7:43pm