Crushes, love, and infatuation: Lessons learned in and out of the garage

Warning: long read coming up.

I saw Sofia for the first time when I was fifteen. There was something about her that appealed to me: she was petite, pretty, and got my hormones pumping. Me and my friends talked about her a lot—she was popular and most of them had to admit there was something oddly enticing about her.… »9/04/15 5:54amToday 5:54am

Question regarding warranty 

I have a 2009 Ford Escape. Today the little wrench light went on and it suddenly lost power. Wasn’t too bad and gained power again. Now the light only comes on sometimes but when it does there is a sudden loss of power momentarily. The yellow engine light is on now too. Googled and it looks like the throttle body.… »9/04/15 12:29amToday 12:29am