Question of the Night: What car segment is next to be endangered?

As you may have seen, I went car shopping today. One thing my wife and I noticed was that the rows for minivans, sports cars, and larger cars were at most half the size of the other rows on the lot, which stretched out quite a bit. There were probably more Chevy Crudest and Ford Foci combined on the lot than there… »10/03/15 11:57pmYesterday 11:57pm

Vacationlopnik: Guess the Car Edition

I’m going on a trip to The Continent on Monday for two weeks, and I have a car rental lined up. Avis says it’s a “Skoda Octavia Estate Or Similar” with a manual gearbox. I bet it’s going to be “Or Similar”. So, who wants to take guesses on the car? I’ll post the answer Tuesday evening CEST. »10/03/15 10:18pmYesterday 10:18pm

Started My New Job on Thursday...

And it’s pretty alright. People are nice, work is labor intensive(but I need the exercise desperately, I’ve gained an embarassing 80lbs since I graduated h.s. in 2012), pay is okay for someone with barely any experience and no degree, the benefits package is great(don’t get that until 3 months), and I get to drive… »10/03/15 10:07pmYesterday 10:07pm