Fiery 6-car crash at Red Bull Ring Spielberg 

The Audi TT Cup is supposed to be a racing series for amateurs and ambitious gentlemen drivers. In Austria, a whole bunch of skiing stars joined the field, courtesy of FSI sponsor Audi. Not made for amateurs was the combination of weather and track: Spielberg is quite fast, and it was raining at all times on Sunday,… » 8/02/15 9:15am 20 minutes ago

Nonsense At The Museum: "The Turbine Went From 0 to 60 Seconds."

You walk through a museum and you stop at an interesting exhibit. “Hey, there’s one of those Chrysler Turbine Cars. Let’s read the sign and see what we can learn.” If you are at the Gilmore Museum near Kalamazoo, this sign is what you will be reading. And what you “learn” will be wrong. » 8/02/15 9:00am 35 minutes ago

Mini life!

Gif of a screen capture made with the Windows 10 recording tool from DiRT 3 Complete Edition, which is possibly one of the best value for money for rally fun (though not necessarily realism). After a day of messing around with 800hp Saturn Skys, 850hp Ford Fiestas, and purpose built hillclimb specials, the most fun I… » 8/02/15 8:03am Today 8:03am

Who here wants to strip a Veyron SS to just 2 tons?

I have a feeling that the Veyron SS can still pull another 20 to 40 mph out of itself just by reducing some more weight. Maybe a ton, maybe two, any weight worth shedding must be shed. And then there’s the problem of redistributing that weight. But how much can the Veyron lose while still being able to deliver the… » 8/02/15 2:48am Today 2:48am