Anyone know how to deconstruct a TV?

I’m finally getting around to disassembling this fine piece of German engineering in an effort to free up a little extra space in my living room. $7,500 and 55” worth of HD beauty is now scrap due to high parts costs and technological progress; last year the color wheel shattered leaving this thing semi-functional but… »10/04/15 8:42pmToday 8:42pm

I found something cool the other day 

According to the owner of the shop it was sitting at, it’s a 1966 Alfa Romeo TZ2. I happened to be driving by and thought I was looking at a baby 250 GTO, until I saw the Alfa badge. Also according to the dude, it has a dry sump 1.6 inline 4, dohc that can make 180hp at 8000rpm. Also it’s one of 12 ever made....no… »10/04/15 8:37pmToday 8:37pm