Had some ice cream with the local miata club last night! 

There was a local cruise around the area followed by a stop at Jersey Freeze over in Freehold. Fun bunch of people and nice to talk cars with. A bit older group than I would normally hang out with but they were very welcoming and very into Miatas. Almost everyone had an NC other than myself and the club president.… » 7/30/15 8:00am 38 minutes ago

What is your Car's name? 

I name all my cars... Usually before I even actually buy them. lol. My GVR-4 is named Lucy. it doesn’t have any specific meaning I just think it suited the car well. It has nothing to do with my weakness toward Scarlet Jo... Okay maybe a little. The previous owner call her “ Mitsy the Black Moose.” after driving it a… » 7/30/15 2:41am Today 2:41am