It's time for Secret Senna 3, the Senna-ing! 

Hello there everyone! It’s that time again! Time for Secret Senna! For those of you who do know what Secret Senna (SS) is, let me fill you in. Secret Senna is a game in which you send a gift to a randomly selected opponaut and in return receive a gift from another randomly selected opponaut! The rules are simple! »Today 4:27pm11/27/15 4:27pm

Love of automobiles, as expressed through Malcolm Reynolds from Fire Fly

If you are a sci-fi fan, you’re probably familiar with the seminal series firefly. For those of you who are not please after reading this article go out and watch it it’s on Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, l pretty much everywhere available on the Internet as far as I can tell. A brief synopsis for those of you who are… »Today 4:23pm11/27/15 4:23pm