I drove 750i m sport x drive

I drove automotive perfection. A family member just bought a 2016 750i xdrive. It has the executive seating package, nearly every possible other option, such as the amazingly mellifluous upgraded stereo, but most importantly: the m package. The technology far surpassed anything I was able to explore in my drive. …


I tried to mend something.  It worked for a few seconds, then didn't.  Reaction picture below.

For quite some time now the intermittent wiper function and washer fluid pump were kaput on my 1990 Lincoln Mark VII LSC. After troubleshooting and some advice I was able to deduce it was in fact the multifunction switch/stalk itself on the steering column. I actually found out how to take the wiper portion apart…

What are you drinking tonight?

I’m drinking some wine and cooking some pasta bolognese, except that in a token effort to be healthy the “pasta” is roasted squash. Don’t knock the Portuguese pairing, the only Italian stuff I have around is what I brought back from Tuscany and is thus too fawnceh for this Tuesday night failure experimental meal.