I don't know if regulations and whatever are the reason why we can't have nice things but I can take a guess

Look at Joseph’s own topshot to see what I mean. Yeah, the concept does look pretty kickass. But the production B-King doesn’t even look like a serious motorcycle - it looks like a cartonish caricature of a motorcycle with its exaggerated exhaust, overly and unnecessarily embellished tank and plastic, plastic… » 8/28/15 2:07am Today 2:07am

There's Something Wrong Here

This is an Extended Cab Ranger with a 7 foot bed. One problem: All the 7’ bed Rangers were single cabs on extended cab chassis’. That means there is no frame under the last foot of the bed on this truck. What unsafe thing did they do to get the rear bumper to attach? How does the Fuel Filler neck attach? How is this… » 8/28/15 1:46am Today 1:46am

When did we loose the ability to share comments?

I just went off on a small rant, and would love to be able to share that rant so that everyone may suffer the wrath of my displeasure. However, I can’t make you all suffer because I can’t share the comment I made. Was this change made intentionally, and if so, was it to stop people like me from stirring the shitpot? I… » 8/28/15 12:14am Today 12:14am