Little bit of work done on the Spitfire yesterday

In order to move some weight further back (and lower down) in the chassis, I’ve got a GT6 fuel tank. Originally I’d planned to have a fuel filler in the wing like a GT6, but I’ve had real difficulty getting a pressing to weld in the wing. So, I decided it would be easier to relocate the filler neck so that I could use… »26 minutes ago11/26/15 9:33am

On Turkey Eve, can't sleep and bored

Time to watch Disney Channel rips John Oliver Regular Car Reviews Car Bros Jay Leno’s Garage Regular Car Reviews on YouTube and search Craigslist for that dream bike some rusted pile of tubing under the header “cafe racer” “ran when parked” “missed connections” the motorcycles and scooters section. »Today 4:10am11/26/15 4:10am

I have a new car! Totally Jalop-spec too.

Picked it up today and drove it about 160km home. Its a Mazda MX-6 with the 2.5L KL-DE engine, cruise control, sunroof, climate control etc. Brand new they were over $55,000 brand new and i picked this one up with a slight water leak from the overflow for just $1500. Does anyone want to know anything more? Ask away! »Today 3:08am11/26/15 3:08am