19 Days and 8,100 Miles in a Scat Pack Challenger 

I’ll start. My name is Josh, and I like to party. And by party I mean road trip. I’m sure you like to party too, but I’m not talking about a “up to the lake for the weekend” kind of shindig, I mean a let’s-lunch-in-Detroit-and-be-in-SoCal-tomorrow-for-an-early-dinner kind of dusk till dawn blowout. » 8/03/15 8:55am Today 8:55am

Action packed weekend! Autocross to finish it off

Since I work 9 hour days, I get every other Friday off. I try to make use of these as best as possible to do exciting stuff. This past weekend I did two days of mountain biking at Allamuchy Mountain State Park with a friend. We did a 4 hour bike ride on Friday, camped out, and another 3 hour bike ride on Saturday.… » 8/03/15 8:16am Today 8:16am