How do I find old cars for sale???

Okay, I’m not really asking for what you think I’m asking for here. Here’s the backstory. I’m working at a house and a guy comes up and asks if my car is for sale. I say no, but we keep talking. I find out he is a middle man for dealing cars. He works with Wayne Carini and a few other big dealers. Now, while my car… » 8/03/15 3:22pm 3 minutes ago

Where does your car live? Pics!

My house was built in 1886. My garage I estimate was built in the ‘50s. It’s a detatched unit from the house at the end of my driveway and it was NOT built with fuselage Chryslers in mind. It has graffiti all over and inside it from when the previous deadbeat tenants left it unlocked 24/7. It’s ratty and seems to be… » 8/03/15 3:14pm 10 minutes ago