What Well-Hated Car Today (Race Car or Road Car) Are You Still Rooting For?

It’s easy to find a car that failed, a car that didn’t live up to expectations, or a car that was simply doomed and shit on it repeatedly. We’ve been there, and a lot of us here on Oppo are guilty of the crime. And yet there are still cars that many hate that we still love, or at least still support. »10/05/15 11:42pm27 minutes ago

A Terrible Diary of Petit Le Mans (But the Track is Awesome When It's Dry)

It was a weekend we all like to refer to as Mitsubishi vs. Georgia Weather. No one could escape the elements - rain, red mud, drizzle, more mud, humidity, and legit streams of water flowing down the esses of Road Atlanta. It was not a weekend for our rental Mitsubishi Lancer (I can now tell you for a fact that a… »10/05/15 11:15pm54 minutes ago