The Audi S6 Will Very Politely Punch You Square in the Face

In my line of work, it’s easy to become jaded. The mind will eventually get used to anything, given enough exposure. This applies to everything from noise, to speed, to narcotics. Even the irreverent Dr. Hunter S Thompson got used to his own warped reality, in which the violence and substance abuse eventually became… » 7/30/15 12:07am 28 minutes ago

The GSM sent out another interesting email today

Like clockwork, once every other month, he threatens to fire everyone. I usually get scared (I have bills, and have never been fired before), but this time I’m just angry. The only people doing well this month are the ones being fed or the ones doing shady shit. Obviously there’s a problem, but fear isn’t the same as… » 7/29/15 11:46pm 49 minutes ago

Crap pizza is crap

It’s been said that there is no such thing as bad pizza, especially when it’s free or you’re drunk, but I disagree. Little Caesar’s, need I say more? Don’t worry - I didn’t pay for it. I got a bunch of it the other day after a training session, and thought that with a little mozzarella and pepperoni I could… » 7/29/15 10:26pm Yesterday 10:26pm

How can I make my LS400 a better car?

I love my LS400. It is great at pretty much everything. But I know it can be better. It can look better. Sound better. perform better. I have a general idea of how to do these things, but no specific knowledge. Below is a list of things i want to do to it. If you have any more ideas, or know how i can specifically do… » 7/29/15 10:25pm Yesterday 10:25pm

Welp, I listed my Buick on Craigslist.

I’ve been agonizing over this for quite some time, but I just listed my Buick on Craigslist. Nobody is making me do it, but I just can’t justify keeping an expensive toy that I barely use, while my house is in need of so much more work. My family deserves a house that we can be proud of. An additional factor is the… » 7/29/15 10:18pm Yesterday 10:18pm