Which F1 Driver Has Experienced the Greatest Change in Technology?

Formula 1 careers don’t usually last long, but when they do it’s at the hands of a legend. Michael Schumacher springs to my mind as a driver who has gone through a large shift in technology, most noticeably through the dramatic shift in steering wheel controls added throughout his career. » 5/29/15 11:28am 17 minutes ago

BMW Naming Scheme

Instead of lambasting them for making a grand coupe everything (example) I think BMW needs to drop the standard sedan. It would be risky, “But what about headrooom?!?!” Except that BMW already has options for those needs (X#, and “GT” body). I think anyone can agree that the 4GC and 6GC are better looking than the… » 5/29/15 10:40am Today 10:40am