Put Your Headphones On.

It’s time for Mr. Ontop’s underappreciated classic rock song of the day. This comes from Boston’s fourth album, “Walk On.” Released in 1994 to not a lot of fanfare, it was viewed as a last attempt at relevance in the ever changing music scape that defined the 90’s. At a time when everyone was wearing plaid everything… »10/05/15 1:24pm47 minutes ago

it is enough to pay for (your choice) all of the construction for all the facilities and campuses of a small or medium school district; solar panels and complete energy independence for several dozen average-sized residential developments; cover the entire yearly budget of an average-sized city’s public transportation…

»10/05/15 12:54pmToday 12:54pm

Is the Bomber an Obsolete, Stupidly Expensive Investment?

“...a startlingly low unit cost of $550 million in fiscal 2010 dollars” says Lara Seligman of Defense News regarding the Long Range Strike Bomber program to replace the USAF’s aging strategic bomber fleet. While $550 million is a bargain compared to the cost of a single B-2A Spirit stealth bomber, let’s think about… »10/05/15 12:25pmToday 12:25pm