Welcome to the 21st Century NASCAR

This weekend will be the first where a driver uses a digital dash. Next year they will be mandated for all cars but Kurt Busch is deciding to start running it now to figure it all out before Daytona which is smart. It’s only taken them more than a decade to catch up with the other major racing series around the world. »9/04/15 1:31pm2 minutes ago

Story time: Never irk a smartass, or how to get relatives to stop asking you car questions.

Tried to sell the Civic Wagon to a family member that has quite the bad luck with cars and not running them into things. He called me and asked my opinion on an old Saab 900, and a beater Accord. I told him I’d sell him my wagon for cheap. Its body is beat, but it’s mechanically sound. All wheel drive for the winter,… »9/04/15 12:40pm54 minutes ago