GTA V Players: How can I get a Pegassi Osiris?

How can I get one of these in PC single-player mode? I’ve heard that they just spawn in players’ garages in the console versions, but in the PC version, the only way to get an Osiris seems to be to purchase it for $1.9 million from This is a problem, because despite my best efforts to complete… » 7/03/15 1:20pm 19 minutes ago

Raise your hand if you're working today

Sup guys. I’ve been kind of MIA over the last couple months - been focusing on career stuff and wedding crap since I’m getting married in September. It’s crazy, all we’re doing is a private civil ceremony and an open bar reception at a beer garden for all our friends, yet the amount of planning involved is giving me… » 7/03/15 12:52pm 46 minutes ago

A small follow-up: Fuck being the 51st state.

Again, fuck being the 51st state. For me, it’s because we’re gonna lose the Underdog tag we so do love to wear. And besides, it would look awkward if we called ourselves Americans. Speaks another language, lives in an apartment, 9-to-5 jobs or worse... yeah, that won’t sit well. We’ve fucked wanting to be the 51st… » 7/03/15 12:02pm Today 12:02pm