Today is a sad day for me...

One of my two cats died... I don’t know why. He desappeared for 2 days which he never does and we found him in our neighbour’s garage, laying down as if he was sleeping, he was dead. I never had pets before and it’s the first time it happens to me. It’s technically my wife’s cat but I’ve known him for 10 years and… » 5/24/15 7:31am 46 minutes ago

Near miss on the Nordschleife

I was just browsing one of my other motoring sites and came across this video and was shocked at how stupid the motorbike rider was, when I watched it again I noticed that the car that almost wiped him out has the same stickers as one of us on here, did the car come like that or was that our oppo guys on the ‘ring? » 5/24/15 5:49am Today 5:49am