#FieroFriday Craigslist find - NPorNP?

As a rule, I say don’t buy someone else’s project. This is a V8 powered Fiero for $1200, however, which means that you can realistically get it under $1k, which is below the IDGAF level. It has a Northstar V8 (IMO, one of the better V8s that GM built) and apparently ran and drove at one point. Downsides are that it’s… » 5/22/15 1:57pm 19 minutes ago

Researching air compressors

I’m getting ready to buy an air compressor and air tools sometime near the end of June, so I thought I would ask what everyone uses. Obviously, the bigger, the better, and I’d love to have a compressor the size of a Nimitz class carrier in the corner of my garage, but I’m also pretty poor, so I’ll probably buy… » 5/22/15 1:34pm 41 minutes ago