Because OF COURSE you break when I'm strapped for cash!!!!

My 302 in my Cougar has decided it doesn’t like to make oil pressure at hot idle anymore and I can hear an ever so slight knock when the RPM’s drop after giving it gas in park. When I put my hand on the fender I can feel the vibration from the knock as well. I had a felling a little while back that the bottom end was… » 7/06/15 1:12am 57 minutes ago

A rotor free diet for me 

Sad news y’all. I went to go see a man about a horse tonight. Only this horse was a 1981 RX7 GSL, possibly one of my favorite cars in existence. Had original paperwork with it, owned by a rotor-head like myself, and carefully maintained for the years he’s had it. It seemed perfect, and for the price, I could hardly… » 7/05/15 11:20pm Yesterday 11:20pm

This is why you don't let cars sit.

Before leaving for vacation, I thought it would be a good idea to start up the truck and move it over to the space where I normally park the car. Great idea. The truck hasn’t been started in several weeks, so I thought it might be a bit slow to start. To my surprise, it fired up with little fanfare. This was just a… » 7/05/15 11:12pm Yesterday 11:12pm

Hello Oppo! An overdue introduction.

Hi Oppo, I have had authorship for more than a year (and lurking for a bit longer), and while I made a few posts in my first few months of authorship, I have neglected to introduce myself. So after quite a few months of no posts (mostly due to work being very busy and exhausting), I thought it was time for an… » 7/05/15 10:40pm Yesterday 10:40pm

This happened totally on accident

I mean, not the parking part, but one of my co-workers has this nice 2000 996 C2S cab (with only 30-something k on the clock), he barely ever drives it to work. This is the second time I’ve taken the f-car to work. Both are 2000’s, both are similar shades of silver, and both are super low miles for the age (his is… » 7/05/15 10:10pm Yesterday 10:10pm