Whack Friday (Far and away my strangest story yet)

Almost twenty-three years on the force, and this is how they reward me? Well, I suppose it could be worse. I could be one of the mindless consumers who rush to the stores and trample other mindless consumers just to get to Black Ops 3 first. “Yeah, it could definitely be worse,” I thought as I pulled out of the… »Today 11:27am11/27/15 11:27am

Solar powered motion sensing lights?

Mrs. BaconSandwich and I are house-sitting for her aunt and uncle for the next year and a bit. As we’ve discovered, the front entrance to the house is quite dark, and it seems quite wasteful to leave a light on all the time. (We’ll often head out while it is still light out, but won’t be home until after dark). Since… »Today 11:01am11/27/15 11:01am