Why you shouldn't get a sport bike as your first bike.

So, I responded to a (slightly old) post about a guy who wanted to get into motorcycling. Too often, I see discussions about beginner bikes centered around how much power a certain bike has or “That’s way too fast for a beginner!” and in my experience, there’s so much more to it than that, so I decided to discuss it a… » 5/25/15 4:40pm 24 minutes ago

Top 10 Smart Ways to Organize and Upgrade Your Garage

The garage is often a neglected, messy space. With a little organization and a few handy projects, though, we can get much more use out of our garages and also modernize them. Here are our top 10 garage upgrade ideas.
» 5/25/15 3:34pm Today 3:34pm

A Used Exotic Comparison That Actually Compares

Last night I made a frustrated post mocking Tavarish’s method. Namely, looking up an exotic marque, then listing them by Price: Low to High and arbitrarily picking a top trim mid-size sedan to compare the price to. I know you can buy a 15 year old S-class for peanuts, what about the other costs? The off-handed… » 5/25/15 3:14pm Today 3:14pm

What would you buy if you needed a car for at most 4 months?

My sister mentioned she wants a car for the summer, so I suggested that if she buys the right already-depreciated beige-mobile, she could sell it later and be minimally out of pocket. Am I on the right track? I figure any sort of higher mileage Japanese econobox should do the trick, despite my Jalop leanings. » 5/25/15 2:25pm Today 2:25pm