Fun with Seattle Craigslist

Inspired by duurtlang’s Importable Ebay finds, I have scoured Craigslist for the most random vintage stuff on Seattle Craigslist. Today we set the year bars for 1980-1985. So pop on some Hall and Oates and check out all the stuff that’s still in daily circulation. » 6/30/15 1:21am Today 1:21am

There's no one I want to vote for. (Warning: Political Stuff)

I love my country and it’s people. However, I still haven’t been able to find anyone I want to vote for . The problem is that everyone is either far right or far left. I want someone who can see both sides of the arguement. I have a mixture of republican and democratic beliefs. Such as: » 6/29/15 11:10pm Yesterday 11:10pm