The two most significant cars in Pancho's prehistory

The first is my dad’s 1970 Fiat 850 Spider, pictured here when he was finally getting rid of it. In college, my dad wanted a sports car, so he sold his sensible, reliable VW and bought this. It was a piece of shit. He had it for a little less than a year, and estimates that it was working for about two months of that.… » 8/05/15 1:46am Today 1:46am

Welp, my piece of shit laptop is dead

Toshiba Satellite whatever #, wasn’t even a school year old. Screen went dead, shut it down and now it’s forever stuck on the start-up screen. That’s the last POS Toshiba I will ever buy in my life and this time I won’t let the floor salesperson convince me otherwise. I think for my next one I’ll just buy a used… » 8/05/15 12:38am Today 12:38am