I have officially lost all faith in BMW.

Earlier today, I was messing around on BMW’s configurator, when I discovered something. BMW no longer offers a manual transmission on the 228i (aka “The Best Enthusiast Bimmer You Can Buy” per FP), 328i, and 428i. Yes, that’s right, you can no longer get manual transmission with a 240 hp turbo 4 from the makers of the… » 8/28/15 6:03pm 28 minutes ago

GTA V Elite Challenge Pac Std.

While failing until completion through Pac Standard last night, Entropic Force mentioned “Elite Challenges.” I told him what they were, and mentioned that I’d never even gotten close to getting one. I mentioned that I’d be kind of terrified to see what it would take to get it on the final heist. Apparently, this is it. » 8/28/15 5:32pm 58 minutes ago

To buy or not to buy - that is the question

In my younger days, I was a bit....reckless when it come to spending money on cars. When I was 19, I bought a $4000 Ford Taurus SHO, and I loved it; until it pretty much fell apart at 90k miles. I traded it for a $600 per month Toyota Tundra - hey, I made $2200 take home, I lived with my parents, and I worked so much,… » 8/28/15 5:23pm Today 5:23pm