As promised yesterday. For the people skimming Oppo, this post contains lots of Mustangs, 3 Ford GTs, some old Volvos, a handful of Vdub, old muscle, a few Miatas, a G8 ST and more. Please excuse the quality of some of the photos, it was really hard to shoot on my iPotato, plus the setting sun didn't make things easier, and the walking people, but perhaps most importantly, I don't know what I'm doing. Onto the photos!

The show took place at this retro(ish) McDonalds and was really well organized. Turns out it happens every Saturday, but sadly this will be my first and last time attending (at least until next winter).

(not my photo, found on internets)

First thing I saw when I got there were these Miata, turns out they were not part of the show, but just chilling in the parking lot.

Then I saw this.....ugh...

Volvos! A Beautiful P1800ES, a P1800E, and a rare P1800S.

A very clean W108

Green 1954 Olds

I love Mopar.

The first Mustang sighting

Hello sleeper, whatchu got under there?

I don't know if this was real or a replica, I couldn't get an answer out of the owner. Later on he would do slow laps of the show in his car, making sure everyone saw how cool he was.

I followed this Duster down the highway. The noise was godly.

A pair of purple ponies.

Row upon row of Mustangs. Can't say I was too fond of the crowd, and don't think I'd park my 5.0 with all the others if I had it at the show.

2 Boss 302s. One on gross wheels.

Awwww. How cute.

The only early 70s first gen Mustang I could find. I still think its very underrated lookswise.


A very Bad Kitty indeed. Putting out 502hp.

Darth Vader was also there.

Ugh. Why? Why why why why?

I think this guy got lost.


I liked that fog lamp arrangement, but I can't imagine what it does to the cooling airflow.

Probably the only modified Miata in the show itself I liked (I'll explain later).

Mmmm. GT. Found my boss's signature on one of the cross braces in the engine bay (my boss was the Vehicle Dynamics supervisor for the GT program). The owners of all 3 GTs at the show were really chill down to Earth people and a real pleasure to talk to. They really knew their stuff about their cars and were more than happy to share knowledge with others.

Dune car... or something... I don't know.

This Caddy was just beautiful. There are no other words to describe it.

The only Austin Healey at the show.

No, thats not a Jeep. Its a Ford!

Hello Bandit!

Factory Five Type 65 Coupe

One of the original Hertz Shelbys. There was a newer GT-H too. Picture lower down.

A Barris Kustom Munster Koach

428 Cobra! One of 3 or 4 at the show.

One of the newer Hertz Shelbys. There was an original GT350H too. Picture higher up.

BMW Isetta. Not the smallest car at the show though.

Another 428 Cobra

At this point I had circled around back to the Volvos. The show was very dynamics and there were cars coming and going constantly, so onto round 2!

Ford/Chevy/Chrysler really need to bring back the two-tone paint jobs.

Can't say I'm too fond of the continental kits - they ruin the lines too much, but I do love the colors.

First time I walked by this Rapide I didn't notice it was a 4 door.

An official Daytona 500 Pace Car Edition Mustang #36 of 50

An auto, mostly stock SN-95 GT signed by Shelby, Roush, Saleen, and a while bunch of other prominent members of the Mustang community.

Gorgeous two-tone green Packard.

Supposedly the fastest street legal car in AZ. They're currently doing the 1/4 in the low 7s and are aiming for the 6.9s.

No, those are not fog lights. Yes, they are turbos. They're currently in the mid 40s boost wise, but she said the car can take 50psi.

While I was listening to the Mustang owner talk about her car this Challenger showed up. I didn't give it much attention while it was rolling in, but while it was parking I heard something, looked over and saw the cut outs in the bumper.

Oh hello there Mr. Snail.

Mmmm. Jeep.

This guy wasn't part of the show, but while walking around that red hit the corner of my eye, and I immediately knew it was an R.

No, the contrast on my iPotato wasn't messed up. That W220 is covered in velvet.

I don't even....

First time seeing a Hillman in person. He's missing a mast though.

I want a Skyliner

The 2nd GT showed up. This thing sounded insane (see videos in link at the top of the page). Its a Heffner Twin Turbo GT, putting down about 850hp when its tuned for the street. And its funny how small of a world this is. The girlfriend of the owner of this GT grew up in the same tiny town in New Hampshire that I used to spend all my summers in.

Size comparisson

Back to the yellow GT. Mother of god.

Ugh. Why.

I hope he realized those LEDs are [slowly] draining his Tesla's battery.

Awesome gray Studebaker.

These old trucks are pretty sweet. This one had a very mean sounding powerplant, but the owner didn't pop the hood.

No, thats not a photoshop.

At this point I noticed the signed. Every row had a theme, but it didn't seem that it was too strictly enforced.

A cool looking custom something.

A Willys Jeep Truck

At this point I went in to eat. Figured I'd grab some food at the McDonalds if it helps them fund these shows. When I came out the crowd had totally changed. All the older folks started leaving, and the young crowed rolled in. Most of the classic cars were being replaced with riced tuners. The first thing I saw coming out of the McDonalds was a huge crowed of Vdub.

These were still here, and made for a awesome photo opportunity. I wish the Skyliner's top was down though.

And a 3rd GT showed up. The owner of this own was much younger. The other 2 owners were probably in their 50s, this guy was in his mid-late 30s.

I've never seen a green XJ before. Such a good color for it.

This Volvo was pretty awesome. Can't say I'm a fan of the purple highlights, but whatever floats his boat.

A gorgeous E39 540 wagon and an NSX.

Didn't quite understand this display. Ok, so you have an M3 convertible. Big deal? A modern hardtop convertible isn't anything special dude.

A shot of the younger crowd. This row was mostly filled with Corvettes earlier.

I've never liked S2ks, and I hated this one even more, but I don't not take a picture of it because of the color.

Sweet 911T

Omg omg omg omg! Someone imported a Holden ute rear end to make a G8 ST!

An SRT Viper showing up.

Why? Why why why?

And the last shot before my phone died. Going to mini rant for those of you that made it this far.


So I'm 24, and if you just go by age, I should be hanging out with this group, but I don't. Why? During the first 3 hours of this show, everyone respected each others cars. People were inquisitive, owners were more than happy to share their knowledge. Everyone was kind and courteous and it was a nice family environment filled with people who loved cars of every shape and form. After dinner though, the lot was filled with screaming, engine revving for no reason, swearing, littering and just general douchebaggery. I'm not commenting on the taste of cars here, everyone is into their own thing, you want to put fart cannons on your Accord, go for it, but why can't these guys just respect each others cars. One guy brought a slammed stanced scraping stickerbombed E60 M5 (I'm not kidding), and was mocking the riced Civic guys. A kid in daddy's 335i was making fun of a stock Miata driver for nothing having something nicer. The riced Subaru guys were yelling at the Vdub crowd. Common. I appreciate the fact that all these guys are into cars, even if those cars are ones I wouldn't touch with a 20 foot pole, but this kind of behavior is what will ruin these shows for everyone else.

(The row pictured here was the Mustang row pictured way above. My phone died less than 2 minutes after taking this shot, and I left a minute after that, theoretically the show was scheduled to go on for another 2 hours, but I can only imagine how it went as the night went on.)

Oh, and one more comment. I wore my favorite Saab shirt. There wasn't a single Saab there in the 4 hours I was hanging around. I am disappointed.