This is the kind of thing I fantasize about DDing. A one owner 1990 750iL with 43,000 on the clock. It looks brand new because it essentially still is. The interior is shockingly mint, all the way down to the factory sheen on the sea of plastic buttons.

Now, before you remind me how ridiculous this hypothetical idea is, I need to remind you: My first car was a 5-speed 1989 635csi with so much rust in the back end and quarter panels that it probably would have collapsed if I got rear ended by a cyclist. Nevertheless, at 165,000 miles, that gorgeous (in a slightly ugly 80s way), over-engineered tank never let me down. It started every time. And looked like this:

Same color, same wheels, minus the M badge of course. Every trip was an adventure. Even a 5 minute CVS run could brighten up your day; people staring during traffic lights, questions in the parking lot, etc. And of course the driving experience too. The smell of old leather, and the sound of a characterful gas guzzling motor from the era of lax regulations and cheap fuel (also the resulting smell... which I think is great). Anyway... back to the V12 yacht.

I miss driving around in something that feels like a “classic.” As a 90's kid, this era is the dividing line for me. These were manufactured until 94 but they debuted in 86. I wasn’t around for the 80s, and therefore anything designed in that period looks foreign to me in a way that I really like. It looks and feels “vintage” I guess. So - before you remind me how idiotic this hypothetical idea is, now you understand the motivation/my past experience with driving an older BMW on a daily basis. That’s why I think I could totally handle one of these, in theory at least. Yes, given the price of some old BMW parts, and the difficulty of certain jobs due to Germanic over-engineering, you and your wallet will inevitably be in for it at some point. But this is one of those “if you have to ask... you can’t afford it/fix it” situations.

On the other hand I really don’t want to get rid of my Q45, which I bought before I was lucky enough to land my current job. In typical Japanese style, it has been virtually maintenance free so far (knock on wood). So pulling the trigger on something nuts like a mint 750iL would mean saving way less per month (maintenance). And it would be off the road occasionally so I’d probably end up renting a car like a chump at some point. But hey... my colleagues pay ludicrous amounts per month to lease brand new cars every year. No thanks. And although the Q is fun and reliable, it doesn’t give me the same buzz my old E24 did. As much as I hate to admit it. But it feels so safe and reliable... despite the 130k miles. Regardless, I’d like to buy back into that era of BMW sometime soon. Maybe in a more sane way, like an E28 project.

What a ramble. Here’s the link: