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I don’t think the One-77, Rapide S, or new Vanquish look like proper Aston Martins, nor do I think the DB4 GT Zagato is the best-looking Aston ever produced. I don’t think any Lamborghinis besides the Miura are beautiful. I think the original Zonda looks dated, not timeless, and I can’t stand flip-up headlights. I think they make a car look like a cartoon (nice word play, Henry). I wouldn’t put the 246 Dino on my top 10 best looking Ferraris list. Maybe not even on my top 20. Against all my best intentions, I kind of like the Volvo 240. I also kind of dig the looks of the C4 ‘Vette, but the Stratos always jars me a bit. The only Toyota I like is the 2000GT. Forgive me, Oppo, for I have sinned. I can’t help it, though. I get visceral reactions to certain cars, and sometimes my reactions are abnormal.

I know I’m not the only one, though. Tell me, does anyone else have something embarrassing to confess?