It's an AWD model with the 2.0 Ecoboost, and after driving it, I have a confession, one that will likely get me run out of here with torches and picthforks:

It is a fairly nice thing to drive. I actually enjoyed it. It's not a sporty car by any means, and it's not at all as involving as, well, most other cars, but it feels much smaller and lighter than it actually is. And that engine. Goddamn that engine.

It's also really nicely put together, the materials are all great, it's full of neat gadgets and I love the panoramic roof it has. She got it in Ruby Red, which is a great color, and I usually hate red cars. I'll try to get pictures of it when it's sunny out.


I would never buy one for myself, but it is one damn nice car. It does, though, make me want a Focus ST like, real bad, since if this behemoth was enjoyable to drive, I can only imagine how good it is when it weighs 3/4ths of a ton less and has proper ground clearance.