This is mostly Redbull, and all the bullshit they have going on with their front wing.

Comments under the photos per request

Slots like a Mohegan sun. Bullshit.

Fucking I-don't-even-know.

Why is this curved exactly the way it is. Fuck you redbull

not redbull. fuck you anyways

now the bastards can fly. Didn't you hear what happened to Icarus? DIDN'T YOU?

Oh you're not free pelican nosed bastards

so cool with our slots 'n shit.

Excuse me redbull there is a table on your wing.

this is a wheel. still bullshit

Its a front diffuser. More bullshit.

Why did you change it? that was my favorite part of the car and you RUINED IT.

Fuck you carbon fiber

Motherfucking rake angle

This concludes calling everything I don't understand in F1 bullshit.

and some links cause why the fuck not.……

Srs tho watch this video. Its worth an Oppo post all on its own.…