I hate driving an awesome car only to be let down by its performance....

There are certain cars that I dislike but would be in love with if they came in a potent trim level with more power, more torque and more "sporty." I have two votes.....

The first vote is the Toyota Corolla.


Which cars have the wrong powertrains?

This car in the "S" trim level looks killer! The interior is great, the exterior looks sporty and it looks fast..... but no. It's powered by an ancient powertrain thats noisey and well.. slow. BUT if toyota were to go crazy and realize america isnt a sea of beige and offer us lets say idk... a Corolla badged as a sport model with a turbo or a high out put naturally aspirated engine and power around 200-220hp? That would be a car to sell. OH and drop the damn 4 speed and offer a manual on all trim levels and an up to date 6 speed auto. Winner.

My second vote is the smart fortwo


Which cars have the wrong powertrains?

Same complaints as the Corolla, this Brabus Smart is cool looking and the idea is cool (IMO) If this little car offered a proper transmission and not this automated manual push the clutch for me shit, it would have been more successful and also the brabus should have been more powerful... I mean if it had 125-150hp... OH and it only weighs 1808lbs?! I'd buy that! Why did they not offer us more?! I envy the Euros that get the fancy, better, faster cars.....

SO, what cars do you think need new powerplants?