So, since July this year, I got my own place, I sometimes visit my parents, in weekends, as my gf and my mom get along surprisingly well. Half an hour ago, my dad asked me if I need any of the stuff I left in my old room, because they plan to unite it with a guest room that is only a wall away, and build an inside pool. I choked, it is my room, many of my lifetime memories are in there, I played PS1,2 and 3 in there, I got laid for the fist time in there, I packed for the best trips of my life in there, I stored all the stuff I liked in there, I painted the walls myself, when I entered high school, because the sky blue with happy stars motif was getting annoying and unfitting for a high schooler. I watched the first porn video in there(ok, that's not so memorable).

The idea is that I've been in that room since I wasn't able to walk or talk(my fucking babyhood), that was my space. Excepting the years I've been to college, I owned that room for 23 years, and they are making a pool there? I mean the outside pool is pretty close, build a glass roof, a couple of walls around, big windows and you got an indoors pool, jerks.

I told my parents about it, I even showed them pictures with it, including the one from the left side, but they said that the amount of work on a project like that would be far greater, and that I can still take one of the smaller bedrooms, upstairs. They missed the point, I don't want a place to stay, I got my own, I need my old room to remain mine.