My stepded called me this evening asking if I still had "that polishing stuff that removes scratches" around, and if he could come over. Turns out he had a little mishap in an underground parking garage. Front facing parking sensors won't warn you of pillars if you are reversing!

I got out the heavy stuff I used to get rail dust off my car, and it's almost invisible now. Sorry, I should have taken my phone with me to get before/after pics, but I forgot. Just imagine a black E61 BMW with a very white front bumper/wing on the driver's side.


But it got me thinking! It's not he first time that I had to polish stuff off one of his cars. His first E61 was a real electronic nightmare, it was fully loaded, but one of the gizmos would fail every now and then. Among them the parking sensor thingy, so he would hit stuff regularly.

I just think that all of these electronic gizmos that are there to help us, make us kind of dumb in return.

A rodent once killed my ABS, and although I learned to drive in a non-ABS car, I felt quite lost without this system that I got used to. And when my family got it's first car with a remote for the power doors, I caught myself running into the front door of our HOUSE pushing something. I almost bumped my head learning that a house is not a car.

So do these electronic gizmos make us worse drivers?

I'm all for ESP and the like, as it once saved me from embarrassing myself. Without it, I would have had to return an E39 BMW with at least some misalingment issues, or even worse once. (Wet roundabout and me wanting to get that "BMW Feeling" just a tad too early!)


But are these systems (which I think are good BTW!) making us unlearn driving skills?