I don't know about the rest of you, but I think NASCAR has been a snorefest the past few years. Sure, there are a few bright spots here and there...but as a whole-it's boring. Tell me you can stay awake listening to the cars and Darrel Waltrip drone for 4 hours. I know I can't.

Let's get our minds together and come up with some new ideas to freshen up NASCAR.

Here are a few of my ideas....

-Give each team a 20 pound bottle of nitrous, they can use it during qualifing, the race, whenever-but when it's gone...it's gone.


-At the longer tracks keep all the aerodynamic stuff they have now, but run much narrower harder tires. I figure if they have narrower harder tires...they will have trouble getting power to the ground...so why not get rid of the carb restrictor plates? Let's see those guys drive an 900 horsepower car with 8 inch wide tires.

Last idea? No sponsor mentions in driver interviews. The sponsor has their logo plastered all over the car, the drivers uniform, the pit crew, the transporter,etc...I get so tired of listening to those guys say the same product mentions over and over again.