It's been relatively mild in Boston so far but I just realized's almost freakin' December. So I figured I should get my act together and look into some snow tires. This is a new concept to me as I have never bought snow tires. That's right, I ran all-seasons last year.

But this year I have low profile summer tires courtesy of the stock set-up on the Focus ST. I have no idea what I'm looking for but I am leaning towards getting a cheap smaller wheel so I can have thicker walled tires. I don't want to spend a ton because of the following reasons:

1) I'm kinda cheap


2) I will likely only put a few thousand miles on them this winter

3) I am not overly concerned about it's really a just in case kinda thing


Anywho, I am more than receptive of suggestions on tires and wheel combos. Feel free to toss color ideas as well...the ST is red.

Anyone have snow tire suggestions?

Black doesn't look too bad.