And all the profits go to Habitat For Humanity, which is nice. Anyway, I volunteered there back in August. All I ended up doing (not out of laziness, but because they didn't have much that needed doing) was spray-paint a chain-link fence light grey. In other words, they could have had me water some fake plants and I'd accomplish just as much without wasting all their paint.

But ANYWAY, since the place is a frickin' warehouse and all of the stuff in it was donated, they let everyone in my group just take whatever we wanted within reason. I found several Hot Wheels, some Legos, and some awesome '80s Transformers (as well as some other things I seriously regret leaving behind, like Star Wars figures of unknown age and a couple GBA games. As you can tell, I spent most of my time in the toy section) and brought them all home in a really neat cassette holder briefcase thing which was the cleanest conveniently sized box I could find. The actual value of the stuff, which comes 90% from the Transformers, is probably more than I deserved, but at their prices I took maybe $5-10 worth of things after three hours of work. Not to mention I donated five bucks because I felt like the free shit kind of took away from the purpose of volunteering.

Again, I'm going on a bit of a tangent. Point is, I spent a hell of a lot of time in the employees only section, which is also where I found all of my stuff, and I pretty much knew the layout of the place and still do. So, when I went back and they had no Hot Wheels in the store section, I politely asked the girl working the counter if I could venture into the back to check for any, reassuring her that I had been back there before so I knew exactly where to look. She then told me that none of the stuff back there was priced yet, which I guess hadn't occurred to me, so she sent me to ask the woman in the back labeling things if she had any Hot Wheels that had been priced and not brought out yet. She said no, and then it hit me that the cars always end up in a 25 cent bin, regardless of brand, condition, or even whether they're open or not. So I mentioned this to her, and she quickly claimed that all of the toys in the back were on hold until after Christmas and most would be donated to children's shelters.

I am not at all opposed to this.

But goddamn it, could no one have told me that before I wasted twenty minutes chasing down employees?

On the plus side, that fence is greyer than ever.