After leaving the dealership and telling them that a four year old could change the air filter on my Soul (so I certainly wasn't going to pay them $35 to do it) I decided it was time to take the plunge and get something that would, with any luck, pay for itself before I get rid of the car.

Initial reaction this morning was that I either got much better at feathering the throttle overnight, or this thing helps a little at lower RPMs. Could be me driving better because I think it makes my car better too, but I'm reasonably happy. It's a little more willing to hang out in second gear at low speeds without complaining, and pulls up from the lower RPM's a little faster.


Too early to see if it helps fuel economy, but I'm gonna take a guess at "no." Besides, even if the "MPG Avg" in the dash said it was helping, that bloody thing is usually off by 3-4 MPG all the time anyway.

Now... If I put the K&N sticker on my back window, does that make me a tool?