Rain makes me do weird things, like not use my wiper blades, at all. Am I the only one that finds wiper blades useless and looks past the rain?

My mom taught me a long time ago to use wiper blades sparingly and to look past the rain. The only time I use my wipers is when I'm crawling along in traffic and it's not pouring rain. The reason I only do it when it's sprinkling and I'm going slow is that it's the only time rain actually hinders my visibility, the rest of the time I can see past the rain.


Am I the only one that does this? And I am also the only other one that finds it hilarious when people put their wipers on full, even when there's two or three drops on the windshield, like they do in Top Gear. I've never understood why Clarkson, Hammond, May, and the Stig all feel the need to use the wipers at full blast whenever there is a slight drizzle.

Oh yeah and I also think that streetlamps should be turned off in the rain because all they do is create a massive glare and it pisses me off.

That is all

I do use my wipers, when needed, that is all.