My last thread was a simply question of what numbers we should use. That didn't work out since most people simply responded with their mileage anyway.

So, I will just decide, I want one figure per response, your fuel mileage in:
Miles per US Gallon (US-MPG), this number should be your combined, hand-calculated or dash-calculated number, for your most frequently driven car.

So: US-MPG-COMBINED (by dash or by hand)

I thank you all for your efforts thus far, but am unfortunately going to have to ignore any response I've had so far, there is to much inconsistency in them for me to get it into a spreadsheet.


For anyone that needs to convert from UKMPG or Liters/100KM or Something Else, just google it, for instance: 10 liters per 100km in mpg, will spit out the number you need.