GM Authority cornered Chief Engineer of GM's full and mid-size trucks, Jeff Luke.

In various parts of the world GM offers the Chevrolet Montana truck, which is Gamma based (think Chevy Sonic), has some modest I4 gas engines that top out around 100hp. Much like the global Colorado hardly resembles the great looking midsize truck we'll be getting next summer, the Montana would get a brawny makeover and more capable engines. This 'trucklet' is yes, unibody, and is basically a Sonic Ute. I'm not even sure if it's offered with AWD or is strictly FWD, probably the latter. But it can haul 1700lbs.


Anyways, so this guy, Jeff Luke (can we really trust a guy with two first names? I never have) said that there has been discussion in regards to offering a truck to slot under the Colorado.
If it started around $14,000 would anyone wander into one? I mean, just look at how good it looks hauling that GM Brazil crate, there could be anything inside that crate! And it has "because race car" covered in the last picture, which kind of makes me feel a tingle. Kind of a lot.
I'd say if they squared up the front end a little, just as they did with the global Colorado to the NA Colorado, and put less Chevy Spark headlights, it could be a cool midget truck. Also AWD. Put the 1.4T (140hp 150lb-ft), and 2.5 (200hp 190lb-ft)gas engine in it.

Revival of the S10-Sonoma?