Update on my broken leg after the jump, for those that are interested. Sexy rally Porsche for everyone else. Oh, and, um, gore warning? Pictures of my X-Rays inside, don't click if you are squeamish about medical stuff. They are not really that bad, just thought I would give a heads-up.

First of all, thanks to everyone for their well wishes last week! As I posted last week, I wrecked on my cyclocross bike pretty hard. I put my leg out to try to catch myself as I was going down, and my knee buckled the completely wrong way. At first I thought I shredded the tendons in my knee, because I have broken plenty of bones, and this didn't really feel like other breaks. I head to the ER, they take X-Rays and tell me it was actually broken. The brake was to something called the tibia plateau - basically the lower half of the knee joint. The X-Rays show the tibia plateau fractured into multiple pieces and displaced, so the told me that I would need surgery. Here is the X-Ray:

And here is a cross section of the bone, from the CT Scan, showing just how bad it splintered:

I went into surgery the next day. The surgeons said that the brake was catastrophic - the bone was in "hundreds" of pieces - they said it looked like a bomb went off inside my knee. Apparently they just vacuumed out most of the smaller pieces, and only screwed the bigger ones back together. It took two plates and 10 screws. On the bright side, they said that, somehow, there was no serious ligament or cartilage damage. On the not so bright side, I can't walk (or drive!) for at least 3 months, and I have a highly increased risk of developing arthritis in that knee. Here is an X-Ray from part way through the surgery, sowing one of the plates and a few of the screws (the rest of the junk in there is just surgical equipment):

I wound up having to spend 3 days in the hospital, and am now recovering at home. I am on heavy doses of pain meds, and am basically immobile. I can get up long enough to use a walker to get over to the bathroom, and that is about it, my leg starts throbbing and swelling up if I am up much more than that. My wife basically has to do everything else for me at this point.


I guess that means I will have lots more time to spend here on Oppo for a while, so please keep me entertained! I would also be happy to take any suggestions you guys might have for things to watch on Netflix!