It hasn't changed much, changed by .1 since last update to 24.41 mpg. Now with 76 entries, thanks for the response so far! I think the most common car I've seen throughout responses is the Jetta TDI, but I couldn't be certain as I haven't been keeping track of vehicle types. Here's some BRG, just because.

And some dude... Don't know his name. Let's call him Benjamin. Anyways, here's some detailed stats:

Average24.4144737 Max58.4
Median23 Min10
Sample Size76
Below 100
Below 1511
15 and Up65 15 - 1916
20 and Up49 20 - 2418
25 and Up31 25 - 2913
30 and Up18 30 - 349
35 and Up9