Hi oppo! This is my first post here, and I figured that this may be as good a moment as any. So... Hi! I'm an introverted nineteen-year-old college freshman living in St. Paul, Minnesota hoping to go for mechanical engineering. I work at a hobby shop, and just tonight finished my first night as a valet! Quite the job. I got to drive some really nice cars! It also taught me that simple cars are better, and more expensive just means more complicated. For this reason I enjoyed the Prius more than the Audi A6L, mostly due to the gearshift, light switch, blinkers, and the fact that the Audi was too. Dang. Long.

Anyway, I'm a pretty easygoing Jalop. I love any car, though mostly the odd ones. I've got an affinity for small hatchbacks. A Fiesta will get my attention over a Nissan GT-R occasionally. Especially if it's an ST Fiesta. But despite my affinity I can appreciate any good car, and even some bad ones (from Aveo to Zonda!) I also like to analyze cars and the companies behind them.


I'm considering writing a post about how projector headlights work (with physics-notebook scannings and everything! Maybe...), and how not every car looks alike.

I guess, in short, I'm one of you who finally wants to crawl out of the corner and do some real writing and posting. Enjoy the CTS-V wagon up top (V-wagon is my current dream car) and my postings!