I used to play Need for Speed, Forza, Gran Turismo. Name a racing game and I have probably tried it at some point. Have i wasted too much time on games that could have been used in more productive ways, most definitely.

Now I'm playing Assetto Corsa and I'm in love.

Why don't you join me.

With a goal of setting up an Assetto Corsa League if the circumstances are right, ie there is enough interest and people I'd like you to join me.


For the moment the league would consist of what are essentially timed lap competitions until Multiplayer is added.

If you have not looked into it yet or have not even heard of Assetto Corsa let me give you a brief overview. Assetto Corsa is a new racing sim that you can buy on steam as an "early access" game, essentially it's a beta. A very well done beta. Over the years I have tried IRacing, GTR2, Rfactor2, Rfactor and many more. AC, in my opinion, is the best overall sim racing physics I have had a chance to put my hands on. I realize this is all personal opinion and preference and I'll admit I have not tried IRacing for over a year in which time has had significant updates however the game is worth a try if you have not. Want to graduate from Forza or Gran Turismo? Give this is a try and let me know if you want to join an Oppo League.

Now go watch the video, buy it, and signup.