5. 2004 Ford Focus- Suggested by N/A POWAAAHH

"MY04 ford focus. terrible, terrible, terrible." Not much more needs to be said.

4. 2004 Hyundai Elantra- Suggested by Arch Duke Maxyenko, Great Job

"2004 Hyundai Elantra, it's my friend's. The gear selector broke off in my hand. My views of Hyundai is forever tainted." Well that sounds awful. 2004 wasn't a good year for cars, was it?

3. 1987 Ford Taurus- Suggested by Birddog

"An 87 Taurus.
It was 4 years old when I got it and it lasted two more before I traded it in at a "push, pull or tow it" dealer sale.
It was towed in on a rollback, the towing company knew me on a first name basis..
Random overheating issues, constant "could not duplicate" EEC issues, 5 TFI module replacements, rust like I've never, ever seen before or since and finally a toasted transmission put it out of my misery." Hey, at least it made you make friends with the towing guys, so it can't be all bad....right?

2. 1996 Renault Twingo- Suggested by Borsuq

"A 1996 Renault Twingo. The starter motor would only work every 3 tries, and the engine would make horrible noises while starting. The clutch was bad, the engine was awful, the dashboard was shit and the exhaust was coming off. It was horrible in every way apart from interior space. That was actually impressive!" At least the interior space made up for it. Oh wait, it didn't."


1. Rental Cars/Driver's Ed Cars- Suggested by Slave2anMG, JqJ213, m-b-w, quarterlifecrisis, EL_ULY, and Hi, I'm Nibby!

Basically, they all suck. Although, as we know, they still are the fastest cars in the world. My driver's ed class got brand new Impalas the semester after I took it, those tools. I had to drive a 2013 Impala....which was the same as a 2006 Impala...awful car.

Honorable Mentions- Everyone else. Good job guys, you've driven shit.