With Forza 5 being released, I decided to bid farewell to Forza 4 the only way I know how:

By being a complete and utter troll.

Starring myself, driving my blasphemous custom PT Cruiser that cannot go straight in any possible way, shape, or form.

Also co-starring the world's angriest Porsche driver.

BTW, I apologize for the bad transitions, but I don't have a capture card and thus I had to export each 30-second clip separately to Forza's servers, download them, and recompile them in Movie Maker. Anyone who has ever had to access movies from Forza knows just how much of a pain the ass this process is- especially for a 10-minute video. Thankfully Xbox One's new record and share features make this so much easier.

As for the video itself, I made a rule that I had to do the entire run without scratching the paint...without any rewinds. So the run is one entire non-stop take- albeit after about two dozen restarts. I eventually learned that some corners cannot be taken with the same line as you would under non-drifting circumstances- occasionally requiring coming in facing the wrong direction, like at 7:02 (which, by the way, makes me crack up laughing every time I watch that part).


P.S.: Anyone seeing a restriction on viewing in certain countries or on their phone, try the Vimeo version:

Credits/Incriminating Evidence:
Build and tune: Me
Driving: Me.
Livery and paint: Me
Music: See YouTube description, lol.