First to start off I personally think 2012 season was one of the best in the recent decade. I remember the Schumacher era, but I didnt have regular access to coverage at the time, so I can't comment with much detail. But I've watched every race starting with 2009 up until now. Personally the fact that 7 different drivers won the first 7 races of 2012, plus Alonso was a had his drivers championship that year for about 30 seconds with Vettel clinching the title in the last possible moment, make 2o12 season one of the best so far. In my opinion RBR 2013 season dominance is very similar to Brawn in 2009.

I might be just 2 days late, but I've worn the Internet chastity belt during that time until I could watch the grand prix without any spoilers. First off, did anybody watch the BBC coverage all the way till the end, am I the only one that thinks the song during closing credits could be used as the new BBC intro theme from now on?

Next up, again related to the BBC end credits, does anybody have an idea what documentary those few clips came from, when a womans voice starts describing the F1 V8 engine? I think so far most of us have seen the "Lift you skirts" and "Turbo era" documentaries online already, but that one seems to have alluded my attention.


On another note, I really feel it was unnecessary to give Massa a penalty, seeing how seconds later there was footage of Bottas doing the same thing while defending from Gutierrez, and how other (Webber) drivers were given warnings as well.

Now as far as seats for future season, does anybody feel like Hulkenberg should go to Lotus, instead of the rumored Maldonado taking Kimi's seat? I really can't stand Pastor at all, it's not even about the money, just his driving style seems appalling.

Also in closing I have a strong need to start cheering for somebody else rather than my usual HAM, Mercedes seems to have lost all their magic from the beginning of the season. I was a huge fan Kobayashi when he was at Sauber last year, and really thought he should've went to McLaren instead of Perez. So now I'm left with Hulk and the eccentric mumbler.


And to finish off on a more popular note, in words of strange long haired spaniel, does anybody else get a strange fizzing sensation at the root of their penis, when the cameraman shows an awkwardly long shot of Sutil's or Alonso's girlfriend?