Just drove this (the one you don't want) to review for my paper and off all the neat things they have on cars these days (I DD an 83 RX-7), two things stuck out: first, that nine speed is just weird. Unless you really put your foot in it, the revs don't climb above 2000 rpm; two, if you open the door while in reverse it automatically puts the e-brake on. Now the second may not seem like a big deal, but it annoyed the hell out of me. If I want to hang out the door to ascertain how close I can get to something that's on me. Thought I was stuck in the snowy parking lot the first time it happened. First I thought I had hit something, as the vehicle came to a very abrupt stop, and then I thought I was stuck on flat ground as the front wheels (it was front-wheel drive) couldn't get enough purchase to drag the back wheels. Otherwise, it felt like a minivan. A fairly nice mini van, with a nice-lloking/feeling interior and polarizing exterior and a hell of a gearbox, but a mini van. It inspires few words.