We've had a nice dump of snow here, and today it just started warming up. So that means ice at all the intersections, soft slushy shoulders, and piles of ice/snow/slush/rocks/salt in between the lanes. This has been a nightmare for BMO's traction control system. I'm starting to think that it was designed by the French. The moment it meets the slightest bit of resistance (or slippage in this case), it gives up. It packs it in and just goes home.

I can't, in recent memory, think of a traction control system this bad. It doesn't tapper off the power, it just cuts out. Totally. It's like it doesn't want you to have any wheel spin at all. One second you are accelerating, the next, the car just shuts down.

I find it more dangerous to have it on.

The aggravating part is that the MS3 is rather predictable in adverse conditions. It almost always dives to the passenger side with wheel spin and you can counter for it easily. Fortunately Mazda give you a button to turn the whole mess off, so, I've got that going for me, which is nice.


So I ask you Oppo, what is the worst T/C you've had the displeasure of being subjected to?