Reuss said, "You make a statement with a coupe. You don't make a statement with a sedan."


No, just no. If you arrive at an event in an Esccalade or a big hd truck, the people there, will think you're a drug dealer, or a redneck. If you arrive in a CL, or a Bentley Continental or a Cadillac Elmiraj, maybe 10 out 100 people will care. But if you arrive in a Ferrari, a McLaren, an Aston or a Lamborghini or even an LFA or Pagani(for those with really deep pockets), yes, you make a statement. People will say that not only you are wealthy enough to buy a supercar, you are prepared to live with a supercar, even if modern ones are not as hardcore as supercars of old. That's a statement. Cadillac needs to follow Audi's footsteps and have Audi's success, because they will never be Bentley or Rolls Royce, they will the American Maybach, and we all know what happened to Maybach.

Having a GTE Cadillac, that fights Porsches, Ferraris and Astons on tracks, that's what makes a statement, Mr. Reuss.

But you won't do it, because it will compete with your precious, little Corvette.