It's the first snow of the month, I got my super Nokian Hakkappellitasasdxaswscfwc on and I was driving 70 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. No big deal since it's not a lot of snow at all. I see this cop driving 60. I'm like....I ain't staying behind him. I pass him and I go back to my normal 70 cruise speed. He follows me for kilometers. Right when I was about to go to the tunnel that transforms itself into a highway he pulls me over I'm like ok...let's see what he has to say. Says that I was driving too fast for the conditions and that I was doing over 80. I'm like no way I did over 80, I was under 70. He says "AH HA it's still over 60! Are you late somewhere?" ME: Kinda... HIM: Ok well you gotta slow down with the conditions we have...we have a bunch of accidents going on. There was a car in front of you that got into the right lane because you we're driving too fast from what it seems ME: I understand that, but I got the most epic tires man! They're the best! and I was under 70 and I never lost control or anything right? You were behind me didn't you see? (big mistake right there) HIM: I see that, we used to have all season tires before there was a law about winter tires and it helped but there's still accidents. ME: Ok...well I bought the best I got it under control. HIM: Can I have the license, insurance proof and the car's papers? ME: Sure.

He came back shortly and gave me a ticket for not slowing down in bad conditions but with no speed indicated on it. Told me that if I didn't act like I was confident, that I said that I was late or had to go to the hospital he would not had given the ticket, but following the convo, he had to do it and hoped it made some change in my life before I get to an accident. So there you cocky self made me have a ticket....sigh.