From my grandparents house on I-65 toward Indy. I saw a car (which I thought was a Dodge Charger but I wasn't quite sure) in the rearview mirror coming up pretty fast. I wasn't in a giant rush to get home, so after I passed a Semi I got back over into the right lane and was driving at about 5 over the limit. As the car passes I realize it's an officer, but he was going faster than I was so he couldn't have possibly ticketed me (Plus I'm usually pretty careful, a ticket on a learner's permit ins't exactly a great idea for insurance prices). He slows down a little and after about 10 minutes he's maybe 40 - 50 feet in front of me. All of a sudden this Honda Odyssey and what I think was a Pontiac Vibe flying past at probably 90 (and this was in a 70 or 75 zone). I looked over at my Mom and said, "This should get interesting." The Vibe sees the officer and slows down, but the Odyssey doesn't until it's absolutely too late. The officer got right behind him and pulled him over so quickly it was almost comical.

Just a reminder for those of you who aren't quite home yet, just be careful. That officer is there waiting to ticket you! But it's also not worth endangering your family (remember, almost all the Odysseys are carrying around kids) just to get home a little faster. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Oppo!