1997 Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 GLXi (not the car pictured, mine has painted bumpers and stuff)

A few weeks ago it became clear to me that my trusty steed (DD) for the last 5 years needed so much work I no longer could justify spending money on it, I really liked that poor 1997 Civic so it was a sad day..


The problem is that I'm unemployed right now and I don't have tons of money. I could spend about 15k NOK (2500 USD) and it's not easy to find a car that's actually driveable here in Norway for that amount. BUT, I know a guy who's a Toyota Dealer, so I gave him a call.. And wouldn't you know it, he had a '97 Lancer for sale but he wanted 25k NOK (4200 USD) for it and that was more than I could afford.

So I asked him if he had anything cheaper, not more than 15k NOK.. He thought about it a few seconds and told me that I could have the Lancer for 15K, but that he would not replace the broken bulbs or fill up the tank for that price. SO for the price of a tank of gas (100 USD), and a few light bulbs (10 USD) I got the car for 10K less than it said on the sticker. I have GREAT friends.

And that's how I suddenly became the owner of one of the most boring cars in the world, in a HIDEOUS burgundy metallic to boot.

There are a few nice things about it though, it's a GLXi, so it has: Electric and heated mirrors, electric windows, and heated seats. It also has a hitch, and for some insane reason I can tow 1000kg behind this tiny little car.

TLDR: I needed new car, is brokes, has gudz friend who owns dealership and is super nice. Got car cheap, but car is ugly and boring.