What highly-regarded car brands just make you go "Meh" while everyone around you proceeds to lose their minds at the sight/mention of them? Alternatively, also provide an exception to this rule- a model from that brand that you actually really like.

My list:



Berlinetta Boxer 512. (I had to try really hard to find a Ferrari I give a single fuck about. But if I were to have one Ferrari, it'd be this one.)



Sure, like an Mercedes it's still fat and bloated, and those orange indicators are horrendous, but dammit! It's a V8, RWD station wagon called the Hammer!



I know, all Porsches look the same, so I'll make this easy: It's a Cayman S. Proper manual transmission, proper mid-engined layout, and proper styling. Rode in one of these at Skip Barber and had my mind blown. The only Porsche I'd spend money on buying.



I have no clue why, but the Aventador just calls to me...

Alfa Romeo (I'm sorry, but the front end of nearly every Alfa is just butt-ugly. It looks like someone tacked the front of a pair of g-string panties on it and called it a grill.)


The things I would do for a GTV6 would land me in prison and in hell.