Hello All! Here's my Top 13 Ugliest Cars that come to mind this year. This is literally the first 13 cars I could think of in the order I think they deserve.

Note: This is my opinion and mine alone! it may or may not be the same as yours, so deal with it! :D

#13. Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini is well known for producing some of the coolest yet outlandish designs for a while.(Countach and Aventador come to mind.) Now don't get me wrong! I love Lambo's; but this one is too extreme. it's as if Lamborghini told J.J Abram's to design it and he used the Mach 5 as a base design!

#12. Chevrolet HHR

It's simply a "wannabee PT Cruiser" and I think the PT Cruiser looks much better. Personally They're both ugly to me but if I had to pick one I'd take the Cruiser.

#11. 2013 Dodge Dart

I have only one problem with this car. This is not a Dodge Dart:

This is a Dodge Dart! A proper '62 Dart to be exact. What you are actually looking at up there is a Fiat Viaggio. And that's all that needs to be said...Moving on!

#10. 2014 Porsche Panamera

This picture says it all. This is the ugly cousin of the 911 and they should have just made a 928 on this platform..Still waiting for that day.

#9. 2013 Smart Fortwo

This stubby little eyesore is annoying to drive behind on the road and it's probably a hazard to drive if it were crashed too. Surprisingly enough(or not) I'd rather have this than #8...

#8. Toyota Prius

This car is overly pretentious another pain on the road and it's never gonna go away. To be fair though, it's egg-shaped design is defined by the fact that it's a hybrid. That being said, there are better looking hybrids and now on to #7.

#7. Fiat Multipla

Not sure why I like it more than a Prius. It's uglier than a Prius no doubt, but maybe I put the Prius before the Multipla because it's a Prius?...

#6. 11th Gen. Ford Thunderbird

It seems to be come from the same people that brought you the PT Cruiser, only that this should go back to the 50s and 60s. There's just something about it that's just wrong to me. Too retro looking perhaps?

#5. Kia Soul/Scion xb

I couldn't decide between these two boxes, so I chose both! This car, is to geometrically perfect to be a car and I don't see the appeal in a boxcar that has aerodynamics similar to that of a brick wall.

#4. 2014 Cadillac CTS

If Batman isn't driving one in matte black then it's not a good looking car. Anyway, personally I just hate Cadillac. I feel as though they're trying too hard to attract a younger audience to their cars. There's also this feeling of "I'm compensating for something" whenever I see one on the road.(no disrespect to Cadillac owners here)

#3. Pontiac Aztek

This is one of the cars that we can all agree brought Pontiac down to a certain death. this is the one car that I wouldn't drive over a Prius. That front end, what were they thinking!?


Now to the Top 2! This was a hard choice, but I think you all will agree with me on this one...

#2. 2014 Jeep Cherokee

This isn't a Jeep. Those headlights(which are actually DRLs on top), and that bent, slender grille. I just don't understand why they went with such a radical design. I think we all would've been OK if they made it look like a Compass or a Grand Cherokee, or hey! maybe it could have looked like I don't know... the original Cherokee??


And now for #1. This car was just recently brought to my attention, and as soon as I saw it, I knew where it had to go... the #1 Ugliest Car is!!!...

#1. 2014 Lexus IS250 F Sport

What the hell is wrong with that grille?? It's like looking into an optical illusion! It's huge too! that hideous maw ruins the car. It just goes to show how much one part of the car can ruin it and this one tops all things; even the Cherokee's slanted lights...

Well here it is, hope you all enjoyed and never forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!