What's the damage?

This year is a good one for me as far as Ontario car insurance goes. I turned 25 (biggest drop in insurance Ontario males ever see), my only accident will pass the 6 year mark (no longer on record), and my only ticket - 62km/hr in a 50 zone is also gone.


Currently paying $2200/year on my 2007 Mazda6S 5-door, highest level of insurance coverage available. So $2M liability, full collision, full comprehensive, $300 deductibles.
Just got quotes, looks like I'll be keeping $700 in my pocket, 80% of the quotes I got priced me in the $1450-1600 area. I want the new Colorado so I figured I'd see what a 2014 crew cab Sierra would cost me, $1200/year.

What are you guys paying, and where are you? I know Ontario has crazy high prices compared to most states and even other provinces in Canada, so try not to show-boat with your $300 insurance! I'll assume Euro-land gets shafted on insurance too, just like everything car related for them.