On my way into work this morning, was passed by a Chevy Trailblazer. In the back window, there was a Calvin peeing on a Ford logo. I have seen these before, but they always struck me as odd.

Why is there such a rivalry? Is this something just like "my school sports team is better than yours!"?

Is rivalry ingrained into us humans? I find that hard to believe because I really do not feel that way about anything.

Or is it just something for people to latch on to, so they have "something".

With this being an automotive site, I'll keep it automotive. Why is there a rivalry between automotive fans? Mitsubishi vs Subaru (I understand this is tied to WRC, but it still seems to linger), Ford vs Chevy, Ford vs Holden?


As gear/petrols heads, shouldn't we have some sort of respect for all (most) cars? Or is the rivalry a basic form of respect, like sibling rivalry.

Just an open ended question. No right or wrong answer really.