She rides horses. All the time. She dropped out of high school to ride horses. All the time. So it goes without saying that if she's going to have a car, it needs to be able to pull some horses. You know, all the time. Currently she has a gigantic manual longer-than-a-limousine C3500, and since she's not at all interested in driving, she thinks having a stick is a burden. Not to mention the truck is just too big for a daily driver. So, she wants a smaller automatic that can haul a two-horse trailer. She doesn't actually HAVE the trailer at the moment, so it doesn't matter if the truck is gooseneck compatible or not, as long as whatever hitch it does have can pull 2-3 tons, or whatever horses and horse trailers weigh.
Anyway, her budget is $3100 but she can go up to $3500 if absolutely necessary. The best bang for her buck I've found is this:…
However, I'm not 100% certain on it. It looks awesome, but the popped hood is kind of unsettling. I may be looking too far into it, but could that mean the truck is prone to overheating and the seller has had to keep it up like that for airflow, and he just neglected to put it down for the pictures? Or could it just be ill-fitting due to some other problem? Really, I can't think of any reason for it to be that way that isn't a red flag.
Anyway, I'm sure she would love your input on either this truck or other suggestions! I've got the Craigslist search covered if you just want to name off specific models to look into, or if you insist on finding real options, she's in Conyers, GA. Thanks a bunch!