Daily driving an M3 has put me on the wrong side of the law. I lack the self control to operate such a machine on a daily basis. So today I went and looked at a few options for a new daily driver.

First, I tried the Chevy SS, which was very good. Then I went to the Cadillac dealership to try a CTS. The salesman didn't know what a V-sport was, didn't know if I could get the 3.6 in RWD, didn't know if the 3.6 in the new CTS is the same as the 3.6 in the old CTS, and didn't know how much power the 3.6 made. Then it was off to the Ford dealership, where this happened:

Me: Do you have any Taurus SHOs?

Salesman: Any what?

Me: Taurus SHO... S-H-O

Salesman: (blank stare... turns around and gestures to F-150 immediately behind him) This is the closest thing we have...


I sat there and stared at this jackass, unable to get a word in edgewise, for an uncomfortably long time while he tried to sell me an F-150. Finally, I interrupted and demanded to see every Taurus he had on the lot. None of them were SHOs, so I left.

Kind of makes you wonder what the requirements are to get hired as a car salesman.