Hey guys, I wanted to solicit your ideas for a car.

My company has a vehicle allowance, but the new policy stipulates the car must have fewer than 120,000 miles and younger than 5 years old. It must be 4 doors.


The Danger Ranger has just passed both of those boundaries, and so I'm considering, if I can't slip the Ranger under the radar for one more year, getting something smaller and newer.

Trade-in on the Ranger is about 10k, and I'm looking to spend no more than 20k out of pocket, so 25-30k total. So what should I get? I don't need or want a truck anymore, but I do need a car capable of towing 1,000 lbs or so, to take the kart to the track.


I'd prefer used, but <2 years old is necessary. New is possible if it's a good enough deal
<20k miles
more than 170HP
4 doors


I want a fun DD, along the vein of the Focus ST (my favorite option so far.) Any ideas?