My coworker is in the most desirable, frustrating, situation an opponoaut can have. Which car to buy??... Weve gone through the list of oppo approved machines and he likes pretty much all of them. But he is stuck on this at the moment. The idea of buying a forrester XT, swapping in STI liver and kidneys, and attempting to turn it in to an STI forrester. Or close to that.

Is he getting into something beyond the skill level of someone starting out on his journey as an opponaut? Any subaru elitists, owners, haters, or enthusiasts want to chime in on whether its a worthy en devour? How are handling characteristics between the two platforms?


I keep trying to push him in the 240 route. rwd, cheap enough with parts availability, endless possibilities. He likes the 300zx but, its hard for me to recommend that. Obviously no hondas because fwd. and and s2000 is out of the question. WRX's are on the table. but a turbo is what im seeing he wants.

I cant tell him what to buy, but ill tell him if its gonna be more work intensive than he thinks. idk. I love the sti'd forrester, but it doesnt strike me as a drivers car, a backroad racer, fun to drive straight-sideways-left&right.