Ok so I've posted a few times about my halogen reflector head lamps sucking.. I just put in a set of nicer $50 Sylvanias but didn't really get what I wanted out of them, a couple of you guys said go retrofit. Well I found another beetle driver through a forum but had his retofitted through a shop that charged him $500 to retrofit them. His issue was our lamp lenses have to be completely cut off to get inside, you can't heat them up and just pry them off... I really really want to retro fit a Projector Bi-Xenon but wouldnt have the slightest clue on how to get the lens back on with a tight, factory looking seal. The kit is only $250 vs the 1200 dollar a piece OEM lamps.


This is the beetle with the custom kit I want to buy. (source: VWVortex.com DrTechy's Turbo Beetle)