Why the hell not, I'll introduce myself

Not that you haven't figured it all out by now. Names Jacob, I'm 24 (fuuuuuuck I'm old). I live in Wichita, Kansas where I'm an engineer at a major US airplane manufacturer. I really like airplanes a whole heck of a lot, and I have for most of my life. I like cars too, but I'm certainly not as much of a gear head as most people around here.


I fly RC airplanes when the weather is good, drive a Chevy Sonic RS (who would have guessed?!), and I'm an alumni of the University of Kansas, hence the name (Rock Chalk Jayhawk). I grew up in Houston so don't be confused when I make remarks about the city even though I live in Kansas.

Oh and I have a cat. Her name is Quorra and she's adorable.