So the next step for my Volvo was to install the dual SU HIF carbs, which I did. I cleaned them up, got new needles, which I had to order from the UK, they had perfect vacuum, all in all, looked really great for things that sat for 20+ years

I assembled them, set the floats to the best of my knowledge, and set about wrestling them onto the car

I don't have an photos yet of them on the motor, it was dark when I finished. So I have no idea how to tune these carbs. None, I tried, and all I did was almost kill my battery. So I used my BCAA to get her towed to the Volvo specialist I take her to.

There they informed me that my jets won't adjust consistently, and I can't afford the labor to get anyone to rebuild them… I towed her back home, and there she sits. :( I'll be putting the Weber back on once it stops snowing, so she runs. The plan has changed to applying for collector plates, and getting the carb work done when I have a spare $300 :p