For those of you not able to watch the strem, here's a brief recap of what the Roadkill duo accomplished so far in their engine swap.

-Introductory videos showing the new LS7 being dynoed and prepped for shipping

-Another video of them trying to start the camaro in very low temperatures. Fire got involved

- Within 5 minutes there was an oil leak

-Blower was successfully removed and assorted bits were being loosened or removed

-Finnigan ate a pretzel

-Started removing the bellhousing bolts

-The dog will be showing up today

-Go-Pro cameras were introduced for "In the bay" shots as demonstrated when Freiberger dropped a wrench

Should I keep doing these every hour? I'm pretty much stuck at work due to a combination of snow + lack of email + lack of desk phone + bosses on a business trip. Should I do some sort of live-blog?