I am not actually a cat, nor a game, nor a character from the book Vurt. Additionally, I am not (very) radioactive, and I am not constantly angled away from an arbitrary point.

I also am not a fan of theme days, as high school and middle school happened a very long time ago for me. Except Sean Connery day, that shit is always fun. And speak like a pirate day.

I'm Gamecat235, I'm a parent, a hobbyist photographer, an employee, a former manager, a lover of music and of cars, planes, trains and tech. Oh, I like beer as well (once upon a time, for a couple of years I awarded every single COTD with a beer award, then work got busy and I had to stop as I couldn't be timely with the awards). I played through each of the first 5 Gran Turismo games, completing 1-4 (even the endurance races in 4), achieving the 100% completion in 3 (all time trials, 100% golds on the license tests, even beating that damned RUF at Complex String). But I don't have GT6 yet, because life happens.


I currently DD a 2000 New Beetle with the 2.slow engine and a 5MT. I will defend this vehicle, as I have some form of Stockholm Syndrome.

I've been here for years. I'm a current admin/moderator on this little blog and I really like this place. I encourage as many people to post here as they want. But I also encourage people to be good to one another.

In my role on Oppo, first and foremost, I've been an ambassador for Oppo/Jalopnik for years. Well before Kinja I was reaching out to other OT blogs, but with my being part of the initial beta for Oppo, I also reached out more to the OT blogs, which is why I participate on Photography, MezzoTempo, Observation Deck and GroupThink. I was part of the group who posted cars on GroupThink after a stupid raid in order to repair bridges and mend fences. I made friends there. GT is an awesome place if you understand it.