That's right, the 911 is going hybrid. The world has ended as we know it. Goodbye crude world.

Alright maybe it's not the end of the world but it is a lot for 911 purists to accept, even after they've had to accept electric power steering, and then no manual option in the GT3. I think Porsche is intent on pissing off as many of its former fans as possible.


But if you're not closed minded and like the idea of a cheaper, possibly attainable in several lifetimes 918 alternative, then stick around.

The 911 Hybrid will use the tech from the 918: it will use an AWD setup with the front wheels being driven by an electric motor that also has torque vectoring capability (which sounds a lot like Warp capability. I wonder if it will be Warp 5, or dialed down a bit). The rear electric motor will be sandwiched in between a specially designed PDK, but in a step backwards, the engine will be placed farther over its ass instead of the transmission being pushed forward.

To accommodate the battery pack, the center tunnel will be enlarged, but it will not be able to hold the entire 10kwh pack so the excess cells will have to be placed in the rear of the car even though this diminishes rear seat space.


In terms of performance, Porsche will use the engine from the GT3 putting out the same 475 German thoroughbreds. Acceleration times are said to rival the Turbo S, and come close to the 918. You can also expect to beat the 918's 72 miles per gallon, so pretty impressive.