Dear (any automotive manufacturer),

I'd like to be a booth professional. This could be my dream job. Some of you reading this may think its a little crazy. I won't try to tell you otherwise; it is. I really enjoy talking to others about cars, and I've always had an embarrassing level of enthusiasm about them. Regardless of the setting or situation, I'll often call out rare or strange cars as they pass by. I really like working on cars, once in awhile, but I mostly enjoy learning about vehicles, how they work, whats new and who's who in the marketplace.

I've thought about being an automotive journalist, but my writing 'chops' aren't quite what I'd like them to be. I feel often distracted and unable to finish my thoughts on a subject when it comes to composing a paper or post or whatever. When it comes to talking about cars, regardless of the specificity, I find myself enthusiastic and able to carry a conversation that endures in earnest and significance.


I'm a twenty-something college graduate in a new city, San Francisco. New Jersey was my home. Until recently, I've made a living running an auto glass company, but the glass ceiling of small business management (when you're not the owner) allows for limited mobility especially in what's regarded as a "blue collar industry".

My automotive interests have driven my car buying and selling tendencies to a questionable level among my friends. I've bought and sold something like 60 cars at this point, and I still find myself looking for the next project, constantly. I love cars. I get excited about cars. I drive, I shop, and I wrench, but most of all, I enjoy learning, listening and talking about them.

So, this could totally fall on deaf ears as a rambling, disorganized stream of paragraphs, but at least for a fleeting moment, I could totally see myself talking about new cars to people who were just as excited as me to see them.

(Disclaimer: I am actually looking for a new career.)