I used to talk about them all the time back when they were getting ready to release their first batch of models, but then I kind of forgot about them because I never actually went after said models, remember? Well, they're getting their stuff together right now and it's looking really good, at least to me. They've already put out two waves of their first release on three different lines; deluxe, premium and licensed, and I actually ordered the complete set of the deluxe line a couple days ago. They've also launched a new site, called Auto World Garage, with further info from their lines and models as well sneaks of upcoming stuff, and it's really worth checking out:


Now, I'm not saying you should go out and buy these cars like right now, but for the diecast collectors out there... it might be worth checking out. I'm really liking their lineup so far and I think these guys could really use the support so they don't vanish within their first year or anything.