Is there any other edition??

(Full Disclosure: I've been drinking. That is all.)

So you've just found your MX5 Miata, best $4,500 you've ever spent, it's home now and you've just explained to your increasingly impressed wife "babe, it was a steal, and just.. look at it!"

So she's pissed. No one man could have anticipated this.

Let me back it up, 3 months ago you suggested to the same wife that "hey, maybe we should redecorate the living room." Puzzled and suspicious, yet she agrees! She thinks to herself "maybe my parents, friends, mailman, and toothless homeless guy were wrong about you after all".
You put yourself through hell, HELL, looking at 73 shades of the exact same taupe and trying to not let on that you still have no goddamn clue if taupe is actually a colour or if your wife has a newly discovered speech impediment and is pronouncing "grey-brown" weird.
So some paint, crown molding, and wall mounted picture frames without pictures in (what!?) later you're ready for the new couch. She's lets you pick it, as if SHE is doing YOU a favor, as if this is your little reward. Dream on lady, dream the F on.

Flash forward to now. That same couch your wife let you pick out (ha!), that same couch you knew you'd be sleeping on post Miata purchase - you evil genius you - is sitting in your grey-brown living room, ready for you.

This 2000 Miata has seen it's fair share of asphalt. 187,000KM on the clock, it's 1.8L engine purring like a cat you've been feeding dino-oil it's whole life, and a paint that would make manly-man Larry Kosilla himself question his faith in his trusty Porter Cable.


With a better chance of catching a leprechaun's fart in a butterfly net than having sex with your wife...ever again, you focus that attention and hope on the car.

Let's be realistic, we'd all love to say that this Mazda's small heart grew 3 size that day, with an LS1 drop (ask Dr. Suess to check my math), but this is a budget build and you're a no talent ass-clown.

I'm not married and this is not my car, but I did have to Google Search taupe to confirm it's grey-brown nature.


So Oppo, we have a build on our hands. Budget is the same price paid for the car: $4,500. The intent is to track by spring - road course and auto-x. What are we stripping out, what are we bolting on? How would each of you build this blank canvas?
Brakes, tires, sway bars, chassis bracing, intake, seat(s) coil overs. You decide, you pick, you price it your way.

Details of the car: it has mirrors and a clutch. Look at the pictures.

And none of this Monopoly Community Chest shit: You found an LS1 at the side of the highway, advance to start and collect an ass kicking for being dumb!

Budget: $4,500