It's fairly well known that I'm into cars. That's fine with me, and I enjoy talking about cars. What I do not enjoy is when people start thinking I know everything about every car on the road.

It's ok to ask me about my thoughts on a car, or an opinion about something automotive, but if we're together and see a interesting car don't assume I know what it is, how much power it has, how fast it goes or the name of the daughter of the guy that installed the wiring harness. I can't read VIN numbers and I don't know what tires you should get. (I have recommended Michelin Pilot Sports before, but that person stopped talking to me after finding out what they were.)


It's insulting to me when people ask me a question about, I don't know, some old Ferrari and assume I should know everything about it because, I quote, "you read about cars all day". No, I don't know what that old, rusty thing is. I know what era it's from, and could give a fairly educated guess at who built it. And with a few minutes of Googling I could probably tell you what it is. But do not assume I have an all encompassing knowledge of automobilia, because no matter how much I would like to I do not and will never know everything. Please stop pointing at cars in traffic and asking me how much power they have. I know withing 50 hp most of the time, but I can't tell you the numbers on 90% of the cars I see.

Do not ask me what car is "better" either. Even if I know which car I think is "better" that doesn't mean I can give you detailed specs off the top of my head. I think the new Mazda3 is a better car than the Camry, but I don't know which one has a bigger trunk or more legroom. And no, the Fusion is perfectly reliable despite what you heard about your friends uncles mechanics old Escort. Do not ask me what car is more reliable. Also do not hold me liable if something breaks on a car I recommended.