Before you is our lovely 2013 Batshit Babe finalists - Let the pageant begin!

Batshitbabes 2013 - Final Round!


Thank you for your participation with the Batshit Elimination Round from last week.

Now that we have narrowed our contestants down to 12 finalists, we must now vote to determine which lucky lady will wear the Jalopnik Batshit Babe Crown for 2013.

So excite. Very bat. Much shit.


Please vote below for your favorite Batshit Babe.

Feel free to also include your choice for the following superlatives.

  • (A) Miss "Best Mug Shot"
  • (B) Miss "Would hit"
  • (C) Miss "Most crazy"
  • (D) Miss "Most likely to bring home and meet mom"
  • (E) Miss "Most likely to be in the 2014 pageant."
  • (F) Miss "Wrong place, wrong time"

In the comments below, reply with a letter and the month of the babe you feel most represents the award.

UPDATE - Voting as ended - we have our WINNERS!

Batshitbabes 2013 - Final Round!