A college friend had a 1991 Taurus SHO. Yes that v6 was put in as an afterthought but it was such a glorious v6. Taking off in 1st gear was either a skidding burnout slicing off into the ditch to the right or a correction effort hooking the car into the left lane and eventually the ditch over there as well. There was no happy medium of straight happy on power acceleration. It was a fight. Driving this car in anger would eventually turn you into a professor of thrust vector analysis, sort of in the way the old Asteroids game did. You were going somewhere, but your thrust didn't match up.

I'm sure there were some worse torque steering monsters out there, but this one was definitely terrible. In the next gears up it was a wonderful car but 1st was really unusable if your foot was on the floor. The sound of that Yamaha V6 was glorious. It was earsex.