I was coming home from a movie last Wednesday night when I came to a T intersection. One of these was in the lane next to me and I didn't give it much attention. Light turns green and we both go left. I proceeded to drive my normal pace through the area and then he caught up to me. He paced me for a second then accelerated.

I just kept going my pace. Then he slowed down until I was next to him. He paced my car again and then accelerated. I knew that he was trying to race me at this point, but I don't do that shit. He continued to do this a few more times and each time I flicked him off. It was genuinely making me angry.


I'm sorry if I made him think that I street race by having an E36 with a loud exhaust. But, I really hope he gets a big ticket before he kills someone doing this. He doesn't deserve a Passat W8 4-Motion wagon.